Each era brings its own challenges. While conservative principles are rooted in natural law and moral absolutes, the application of those principles must evolve to serve the times in which we live.

The 2016 GOP presidential field is no exception.

First, we must be clear about our non-negotiables: Life should be protected from conception to natural death. Government should be limited to preserve individual freedom. Policies that promote economic growth should be promoted. Just to name a few. Conservatives should anticipate that most of our potential standard bearers will speak to these principles regularly.

Yet that also creates a dilemma. How do we differentiate between the candidates when many of them are going to be saying a lot of the same things?

Answer: We put forth criteria to address the specific challenges we face, and then apply them to individual candidates to see who’s really prepared to be a president in a time such as this. Being a good president isn’t just about having the right beliefs, but also the proper skill set to effectively act upon them.

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