Bill Schulz of Fox News’ Red Eye, recently went inside the ‘comrade’s’ ranks at the Wall Street Day of Rage to get an idea of the smorgasbord of leftist protest in the financial capital of the world.

The 300 “half-naked trustfunders,” as described by Gutfeld sit-in Andy Levy, made demands for wealth redistribution, a liberation of our currency, and to condemn “banksters.”

Schulz, a regular panelist on the Fox News satirical late-night show, avoided announcing he was from Fox News at the protest until he was outed by one protester who according to Schulz admitted to be a frequent viewer of Red Eye. Schulz described the show to one protester as “a voice of protest in a sea of infomercials,” as the show brodcasts weeknights at 3:00 am.

The panel following Schulz’s report poked fun at the dirty protesters, asserting that they do not know what they are protesting.