For nearly a decade, 2012 contender Newt Gingrich has been floating some controversial ideas aimed at reining in the federal judiciary. He’s called that branch of government “grotesquely dictatorial” and elitist. Should he become president, Gingrich says he’ll ignore Supreme Court decisions if they don’t square with his interpretation of the Constitution or what he believes the country’s founders intended.

Gingrich says federal judges should be called before Congress to explain their decisions, suggesting Sunday that he’d even approve of arresting them if they refused to show up. It’s an issue raised Thursday in Fox News’ GOP debate in Iowa, with Gingrich responding, “I would be prepared to take on the judiciary if, in fact, it did not restrict itself in what it was doing.”

Former Pennsylvania Rep. Bob Walker, a Gingrich supporter, says the proposals are spot on.

“What he’s suggesting is a very, very important change in the direction of how we deal with the courts acting more like legislatures than like courts,” Walker said. He adds that it’s time to “rebalance” the system. For Gingrich, in some cases, that would mean abolishing certain courts altogether.

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