Are you really buying this?  Al Qaeda conveniently changes their operational orders, in what can only be called a sudden attack of stupid and utilizes electronic communication revealing a terrorist threat.  Just when the public’s sentiments are overwhelmingly turning against NSA spying, the government can say, “see we really do need to shred the constitution, it’s for your own safety, think of the children.”

You have heard the idiom “Wag the Dog” haven’t you.  Now I am not saying that there won’t be a terrorist attack, but with this administrations track record, why should I believe anything, or why should I put anything past their depravity.

Al Qaeda has known that the NSA is recording everything long before the American public was aware.  We saw proof of this fact with what was revealed about the Osama ben Laden’s compound at the time of his death, no phone, no internet, all communication conducted by personal messenger.  Now with all the global press about NSA capabilities and practices, we are going to believe that some of the head Al Qaeda decided to discuss plans openly over electronic communication.  If you believe that, be careful, someone is going to try to sell you a bridge or maybe a fundamental change.

When you are dealing with someone whom has repeatedly lied to you, the natural tendency is to not believe a single word they say.  Mr. Obama thinks nothing of repeating the same lie over and over again, even after the lie has been publicly revealed.  It amazes me how stupid he thinks the American public is, or maybe he is just counting on the majority blindly believing the propaganda.  Granted there was a time not too long ago that he could count on the misinformed, but their numbers are rapidly dwindling as more and more become aware of the deception.  That is very scary because they know it, and they can’t let it go too far.

The attack at Benghazi that killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty and Sean Smith put a kink in the agenda and threaten to reveal the proxy-war, and the illegal weapons trade that is ongoing.  Forcing them to advance their agenda before they were completely ready, but the formable propaganda machine continues to pump it out, proving to be invaluable in covering their bloody tracks.  I have to admit their art of distraction and the success of it, is impressive.  Therefore, it remains to be seen if this change in timing will prove to be a detriment to the agenda.

If you look at this weeks’ headlines you will notice some of the facts revealed, I wrote about two months ago in “Benghazi, IRS, AP scandal, are we being played?”  I can’t believe their latest attempt at appeasing the public, “US files charges against Benghazi attack suspects.” Honestly, are we supposed to be impressed?  We know they knew their identities shortly after the attack, and almost a year later, they file charges.  It is important that we continually press the Benghazi issue, the facts surrounding this is obviously a vulnerable spot in their covert agenda.  We will continually see new threats to bolster their need for surveillance; we will see events here on the homeland to justify increased security including drone use.

I have to thank the brave security officials that have leaked many of the facts surrounding Benghazi at great personal risk, but the crack down has become intense and the risk has dramatically increased.  Understandably, we are not seeing as much being revealed.  Nevertheless, there is more to come, the administration made a critical error when they recently verbalized threats to security officials to include their families. (?) They seem to forgot that the “A type personalities” that tend to make up the security forces don’t take kindly to threats that include their family.  This effort to suppress may back fire on them.

When we look at the enormity of the blatant disregard for the constitution and the ineffectiveness of checks and balances due to corruption, we are rapidly getting to a point that we will have to say we are on our own.

What is the big picture? look at the facts, to what end do all this things point?

We have the NSA wholesale spying on Americans, the IRS and the EPA selectively suppressing any opposition, the DOJ spying, trading arms, and selectively enforcing the law.  The DHS has effectively declared that they are above the constitution by declaring a 100-mile wide constitutional free zone; sure, it is only the Fourth Amendment that they have chosen to ignore at this time, but what is to prevent them from arbitrarily choosing the rest?  The DHS is arming and training for urban combat, preparing drones for detecting armed civilians and targeting cell phone signals.  Of course how can we leave out the president seeking any and every opportunity to create division, unrest and fear; wait a minute, isn’t that the very definition of terrorism?

The lack of resistance by the majority of our representatives, the obvious control over mainstream media, it sounds like a coup d’etat.  You know what they say, “If it quacks like a duck…”

I truly hope that many of you are paying attention, it is about to come down like a ton of bricks, and it is going to get ugly.  I know of many that have already organized and prepared, and they are smart enough not to use any form of electronic communication in the process.  Use your head, hope for the best, and prepare for the worst.  When you look at all that has rapidly occurred, the worst is not a pretty picture.  Can anybody look at all that is going on and still believe that there is no agenda?  To what end could the obliteration of our civil liberties be?

They are trying to create civil unrest and bogus terrorist plots all to justify the need for greater security and surveillance, all in an effort to generate public acceptance of the appearance of forces on the street and drones in the air.  This is in preparedness of the eventual civil disobedience that will develop into revolt.  This will provide the excuse for total suspension of all constitutional rights.  Obama has developed his own private army in DHS in hopes that he can suppress any opposition with out declaring full martial law and relinquishing power to the military.  It will be small and surgical at first, and soon as he thinks we are starting to get organized, the real crack down will begin.

I do believe that there is still a slim ray of hope.  It is going to take a wholesale replacement of our representatives in the next election to begin to purge the corruption and start to restore the normal checks and balances.  From there, it will still be an up hill battle; we must maintain diligence to hold them accountable, active participation of the people will be necessary.  If we can succeed in replacing a large amount of our representatives with fearless men of integrity, the fear of the people will begin to return to our government, which will result in the beginning of the restoration of our liberty.  This slim ray of hope is going to require a great deal from the people of this great nation.  I pray that enough see the writing on the wall and heed the call.