Be sure to send these legislatures an email telling them of your support of the Convention of States.
Check it out:

The Virginia House Rules Committee will hear debate and vote on Delegate Lingamfelter’s Convention of States Resolution—HJ9—this Friday. The hearing will begin ½ hour after the House adjourns, and will also include other legislation. The hearing will take place in the Speaker’s Conference Room on the 6th Floor of the General Assembly Building.

If it is possible for you to make it to Richmond this Friday to attend the hearing, please come in person! But whether you can attend in person or not, please, please take just a few minutes right now to call or send an e-mail to each member of the Committee. It does not matter whether you live in their district or not (although if you do, please be sure to point it out).

Please do not underestimate the importance of YOUR call, e-mail and personal visit, because it can absolutely make the difference as to whether this measure passes or not.

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