This Week’s Sign the Apocalypse is Upon Us

In this enlightened age, we know who has the last word: the government. How on Mother Earth could parental units raise their children without instruction and permission from our gracious government benefactors? They even deign to tell us how to feed ourselves and how clean to keep our homes. Who could object to such reasonable commands? If you do, you may need to be reeducated. With Tasers.

A homeschooling family in Missouri is suing police, claiming that the officers deprived them of their 4th and 14th Amendment rights, when they entered their home without a warrant and physically assaulted them with Tasers and pepper spray in front of their children.

Why? Because a government agent told them the family’s home was “messy.”

In 2011, Jason and Laura Hagan, who teach their three children at home, were investigated by Child Protective Services, who alleged that their home was messy. The Hagans complied with an initial inspection of their home, but balked when the social worker returned for a second inspection, along with two police officers.

There were no allegations that the children were being abused, neglected, or otherwise endangered, only the report of the home being “messy.”

Sounds like an emergency to me. Better call for back-up.

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