My good friend, talkradio200 carefully constructs a case against a Hillary win in 2016. talkradio200 (his pen name) is a very politically savvy conservative, black, 20 something, with a Masters in Music Ed from Columbia University.

As you see his articles, bear in mind that most on Twitter and elsewhere don’t realize he is black. As he Tweets and writes articles full of conservative reasoning and theses, trolls and Lefties often call him racist and worse.

As a strong Christian, “talk” ignores them and even laughs at the irony: to the Left, blacks may only have 1 worldview, that of socialism (aka the Dem plantation).

Enjoy! TJ


By talkradio200

If you listen to the punditocracy both left and right, you would think Hillary Clinton as the next president was a forgone conclusion and elections a mere formality.

Now where have we heard that kind of talk before? If you answered “2008”, you win the $64,000 question.

Let’s for a moment set aside from the fact that the Hillary coronation was supposed to happen in 2008 before a no-name, first-term Senator from the cesspool of American politics upended her sure-thing and relegated her to being yesterday’s news.

She blew her moment by behaving entitled to it and not getting into gear when Comrade Obama caught up to her in the polls. Now, we’re being told that it’s her moment all over again. Let’s not get played for suckers, again, people.

Now you may say that the urge to elect the first woman president will help her.

It might. But then again, the Left has a new darling. That’s right, folks, Hillary will not have exclusive domain of being the first woman president because the fake Indian from Massachusetts is out there, trying to outflank Hillary from the Left…

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