I thought that Fox News was the one source of major news coverage that didn’t buy into the liberal slant on life. I’m not convinced of that anymore. It’s a sure bet that when I open the FNC website, I will find a banner headline that Al Qaeda and Sons made off with large quantities of high-tech military hardware that we had sitting around – apparently unguarded – in Libya; and just below that a picture of that slut Miley Cyrus with her homely face and skinny body and rubbery fat tongue thrust into public view. What is that all about? Does Fox really feel they can’t compete in the world of infotainment unless they are as slimy and disreputable as all the other media outlets? Or are they just touting that stable of cheap entertainment shows peddled furiously to our younger generations that earns Fox billions? And how many items have they run over the last year on homosexuality? Not from a judgmental point of view, mind you, but just for prurient interest. A lot, that’s all I can say. I guess there is somebody sitting behind a desk at Fox with a sign that says “Executive Director, Smut.”

Of course there are lots of people who would say, hey, dirty stuff is in. Look at the Pope. He hadn’t even warmed up the seat that he refuses to sit on before he was tearing up Church dogma and proclaiming it was never really dogma anyway. At this point, I’m starting to believe that there in fact isn’t any Church dogma at all. All us Catholics have been duped since 33 AD. I’m beginning to suspect that even Christ is negotiable for Francis, and while I’m at it — is there a reason the Pope chose one of those asexual names? Does anybody remember the recurring Saturday Night Live skit that revolved around Pat – that thing that could never be identified as male or female and whose lines were always deliberately indefinite as to sexual identity? Was picking his name the Argentinian Jesuit’s pitch for the adoration of the militant female Catholics that populate such orders as the Maryknoll nuns and most of the Catholic churches in Massachusetts? Francis, Frances, it’s up to you, my flock. I expect at any moment we will hear he is stepping down to marry his boyfriend and pushing for a lesbian Pope. If you think that is extreme, read the September 26 issue of American Spectator, where another Catholic recounts a friend telling him how the ranks of the Jesuits have emptied out. In his own seminary, two of the top dogs fled, one to bunk up with his boyfriend and another to marry his girlfriend. I’ll tell you this: for the first time as a Catholic, I think I can ridicule the Pope and absolutely not risk eternal damnation. I might even improve my chances of escaping the other locale of the afterlife.

Am I mistaken here, or is Satan abroad and braying with delight? I know he has always been with us, but today he is as loud as the voices in Aaron Alexis’s head. In the Bible, there was a single city that was destroyed for abandoning the search for virtue and seeking instead the pleasures of everything sinful and decadent. Today it is the entire globe that is wallowing in the muck, and the muck is being spread by those first-world countries (western Europe and the US above all) whose multi-billion dollar entertainment industries have accelerated the corruption. Think of the seriousness with which our presidents in the past carried out their heavy responsibilities and compare all of them with the current US president, who jetted off to Russia with the number one priority of chastising Russia for discriminating against its own Queer Nation. And the Catholic Church, once a bulwark against the sodomization of global society, has now thrown its hat in the ring, seeking to become really hip and cool and with-it. I can imagine in the near future confessing to a priest who says, “oh, I know what you mean – my husband is really a boor sometimes, too!”

And it isn’t only the Catholic Church that has been lured onto the path of sinfulness or abandoned the search for virtue. Remember Pastor Rick Warren? He made quite a splash riding the wave of tolerance that today has become a wave of hatred against those who dare to oppose the proselytizing of sexual deviance in our schools and on the job. I’m afraid the number of allegedly religious leaders who can name the Ten Commandments is smaller and smaller. Even “thou shalt not envy thy neighbor” is out, as our president whips up hatred of society’s achievers as if such feeling were a positive societal good. And judging by his encouragement of black resentment of whites, and the number of murders that have resulted, “thou shalt not kill” is also, like, bo-ring and so dated.

There are more and more days when I feel like packing a bag and escaping to a secluded mountain somewhere. Then I realize that there is no longer a chance of escaping the global evil that is given expression in the suffocation of free discourse, the vilification of moral values, the base pornography beamed out to adults and children in every form of media, in Big Brother’s spying on every word you utter and every word you write, and in the glorification of hatred and bigotry demonstrated by the growing tide of hate crimes against Christianity. I might think I’m alone up there on the mountain, but one day in the not-distant future, I’ll wake up to the pounding of jack boots on my front porch worn by armed thugs from 45 different US agencies, guns drawn, shouting “come out with your hands up and your mouth shut!”