America has roughly 310 million people within its borders. That accounts for about 4.4% of the entire world’s population if my non-scientific numbers are correct. I did 310 million divided by roughly 7 billion. It’s close enough. For 4.4% of the world to dominate the 95.6% in such a way is practically unheard of. When we hear of news that the U.S. will no longer be the world’s superpower it disheartens us and it really shouldn’t when the nations surpassing us account for such a large portion of the world’s people. China and India combined account for over 36% of the entire world’s population. When I read that these two countries will surpass the United States of America in economic trade it makes me happy. This happiness is not on account of our fall, but on India’s and China’s rise.

How can we be so upset when by 2040 the world’s two most populated nations will be bringing hundreds of millions if not billions of people out of poverty? These people will have the chance to become educated, create businesses, introduce new technologies, create individual and world wealth, increase life expectancy rates, ad infinitum. This is beneficial to China, India, and the world as a whole, including the United States. It creates more opportunities for us here and abroad.

America needs some competition to get our creative juices glowing once again. China and India is just what we need to get back on top. No longer can we complacent in our place at the top.

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