It seems like with every day that passes, 21st century America under President Obama more and more resembles 1970s America under President Carter.

Economic malaise, inflation, high unemployment, soaring gas prices — it’s all very familiar, and it’s all driven by the president’s dogmatic leftist personality.

Just like under Carter, we’ve got a president who inherited a troubled economy but whose maddeningly wrong-headed ideas about economics and penchant for expanding government have greatly aggravated the situation.

Also like the Carter era, we’re in the middle of a conflict with Iran that is driving up prices at the gas pump.

We knew this was coming. For the past three years, the Obama administration has been virtually ignoring Iran’s nuclear development program while cozying up and apologizing to just about every dictator and strongman around the globe.

The administration’s indolence has allowed the Iranian nuclear situation to become a global crisis.

In a misguided effort to reform America’s image abroad, President Obama has let the world’s bad guys know that he’s willing to throw his own country under the bus for a pat on the head from America’s enemies.

During the Carter era, it was an economic crisis, an energy crisis and a hostage crisis that brought the presidency to its knees.

In the Obama era, the president negotiates on his knees, begging the world to like him and us. To the administration’s amazement, that hasn’t changed Iran’s attitude.

In fact, Iran is perfectly comfortable making sport of Obama because it believes there will be no repercussions of any significance.

During the hostage crisis, negotiations between the Iranians and the Carter Administration followed a pattern in which Iranian negotiators proposed embarrassing concessions, the U.S. would agree and the deal would be killed by the ayatollah.

When we lost one of our robot drones over Iranian airspace recently, Iran not only bragged about being able to crack the computer codes on our top secret weaponry, it offered to send President Obama a scale model of the drone, which will be available soon in Iranian toy stores for the equivalent of about $4.

At least the Iranian sense of humor is intact.

With Iran threatening to close the Strait of Hormuz if Washington imposes oil sanctions, the United States finds itself playing a potentially dangerous and slightly pathetic game of chicken, sending U.S. warships to the region while waiting for the European Union to go along with sanctions.

British and European Union officials have been meeting with U.S. lawmakers to shape sanctions that won’t unduly hamper oil companies, crash the European economy and drag the world into a deepened recession. Given the current anti-oil administration and Congress, getting such precisely tailored legislation unburdened by pork, poison pills and pet projects may be a dicey proposition.

What Iran may not fully understand in all of this is the petty vindictiveness of this president. Like Carter, Obama tends to see America’s enemies through rose-colored glasses. Unlike Carter, Obama is inclined to strike back at those he considers his personal enemies. If Iranian leaders bloody his nose enough, or if he feels the public is laughing at him, he might be motivated to strike back, damn the consequences.

Meanwhile, it’s a certainty that the Obama administration will continue to obstruct oil development here at home, despite the lingering economic turmoil it is causing.

Like his ideological predecessor Carter, President Obama ultimately places dogma ahead of the needs of the American people.

Tad Cronn is the editor in chief of The Patriots Almanac, a nonprofit, educational quarterly magazine.