A panel of Republican judges quickly reinstated Wisconsin’s voter identification law on Friday night, just hours after hearing arguments in the case.

A three-judge panel of the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago stayed a lower court judge’s order blocking implementation of the law, which requires voters show a government-issued ID with a photo. It hasn’t been implemented since the 2012 primaries because of legal challenges.

“Having read the briefs and heard oral argument, this court now stays the injunction issued by the district court. The State of Wisconsin may, if it wishes (and if it is appropriate under rules of state law), enforce the photo ID requirement in this November’s elections,” the appeals court wrote in a order issued Friday afternoon. “The district court held the state law invalid, and enjoined its implementation, even though it is materially identical to Indiana’s photo ID statute, which the Supreme Court held valid in Crawford v. Marion County Election Board” in 2008.

Wisconsin officials now plan to implement the law for the midterms.

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