If U.S. District Judge William Pauley’s finding holds up, the police state we’ve been living is finally official.

Pauley, in a mind-numbing bit of after-the-fact justification, found Friday that the National Security Agency is legally allowed to collect phone data on anyone and everyone.

According to Pauley, the reason the NSA has to be allowed to violate Americans’ Fourth Amendment rights at leisure is because the NSA surveillance program only works if everyone’s information is collected.

Pauley goes on to say that we need the Big Brother program because after 9/11, we’re still afraid of al-Qaida and the only way to stop a bunch of religious extremists is by trampling on the very rights al-Qaida wants to take away from us.

“This blunt tool only works because it collects everything,” Pauley said. “The collection is broad, but the scope of counterterrorism investigations is unprecedented.”

Pauley’s decision goes against an earlier ruling by Judge Richard Leon, who granted an injunction in the case of two men who didn’t want the NSA poking around their phone records.

Pauley defended the spying program, saying the blanket invasion of privacy “significantly increases the NSA’s capability to detect the faintest patterns left behind by individuals affiliated with foreign terrorist organizations. Armed with all the metadata, NSA can draw connections it might otherwise never be able to find. … As the Sept. 11 attacks demonstrate, the cost of missing such a threat can be horrific.”

So once again, our government is selling us out and trying to justify itself by saying it’s all for our own good.

How long are we going to continue to allow 9/11 to be the excuse for increasing government control over our lives?

The phone monitoring of terrorist suspects envisioned by the authors of the original Patriot Act has gone by the wayside. Far beyond warranted monitoring of people who are suspects in real cases, the NSA now simply listens in on innocent people anytime it wants.

Conservatives are on Department of Homeland Security watch lists for no other reason than opposing this Administration’s policies. Military veterans and Bible-believing Christians are considered potential terrorists.

The TSA is so institutionally paranoid that its agents feel up toddlers and grannies alike at random, yet it won’t employ even the most rational profiling techniques for fear of offending liberals.

In the military, there continues to be a seeming purge of officers and personnel who are either Christian or who simply oppose Administration policies.

The court’s decision on the NSA snooping program is just the latest assertion by the government that you have no rights but what they allow you.