Un-Crowning America began with a power shift this October as the 143 year reign of the American-Age ended when China eclipsed the U.S. as the world’s largest economy, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Since 1871 America has maintained the strongest economic power in the world when it surpassed the British Empire. A symbol of America’s invincibility and glory to the whole world was epitomized in the “Twin Towers” Trade Centers which were eviscerated on 911.

Throughout history a Nation’s strength of force, efficacy to conquer an enemy and flourish in commerce has been exemplified through its Towers at the gates to the city’s entrance. This symbolism is exactly why the 911 attackers targeted the Twin Towers. Besides being a brutal attack it sent the world an important message that the Giant strength and Nobility of America had an Achilles heel which they found and penetrated. This was an invitation for “open season” on devastated America, giving our communist enemies time to organize their ground troops and cyber-espionage against us.

America experienced a benchmark in a new dimension with the recent One World Trade Center’s official opening. Thirteen years after 911, “One World Trade Center” opened in Manhattan November 3, 2014. The 104 story, $3.9 Billion tower is the centerpiece of the 16 acre site where the Twin Towers stood and 2,700 people were killed by radical Islamic terrorists’ who hate our freedom and our God.

The familiar name “Freedom Tower” was quietly changed in 2009 by Port Authorities of New York and New Jersey. Chairman Anthony Coscia says the agency refers to the building as One World Trade Center since it’s the buildings legal name and “the easiest for people to identify with”. According to New York Daily News, the name change for the 1776 ft. skyscraper was only unveiled (after) a Pa. board meeting drew a sharp rebuke from former Governor George Pataki whose April 24, 2003 speech gave the building its “Freedom” brand.

The newspapers said the Freedom Tower name change came (after) board members voted to sign a 21 year lease deal with Vantone. A Chinese real estate giant closely affiliated with the Chinese Communist govt. is now the (first) commercial tenant at ground zero. The dialogue with Vantone, played no part with the name change, Port Authority officials said, “It was bottom line marketing only.”

“The Freedom Tower is not just another piece of real estate or just another name for marketing purposes,” Pataki said. “In design and name it is symbolic of our commitment to rise above the attacks of 911. Where 1 & 2 Trade Centers once stood there’s a memorable with 2 voids to honor heroes we lost.”

How insulting, Red China is the first tenant of America’s “Freedom” Tower, our most symbolic building representing the U.S. new comeback. The headlines opening day read, “We Are Whole Again.” Isn’t the “Spirit of Freedom” what made us whole not concrete and steel that was obliterated?

The One World Trade Center opens with a six floor dedicated ‘China Center’ which occupies floors 64th through 69th. “China Center is the first of its kind where top social, business and cultural leaders from China and U.S. gather under one roof to spur interactive growth opportunities”, said Jing Ji, a Beijing based overseas investment consultant with Well Trend United Consulting.

China moves into One World Trade Center, and one month later Sony’s e-mails are hacked with death threats if they show the movie, The Interview, in theaters. This comes on the heels of May’s, (5 Beijing) military official’s arrests for cyber-hacks launched on 141 Corps across 20 industries. Targets ranged from the Pentagon to the New York Times on the charges of espionage to steal trade secrets.

China called indictments preposterous and stated “The U.S. by this action betrays its commitment to building healthy, stable, reliable military relations and causes serious damage to mutual trust between the sides.” Eric Holder said, “Without Chinas cooperation the officials are likely to never stand trial.”

Gordon Chang, author of “The Coming Collapse of China” had 3 things on cyber-attacks the U.S. should do. 1.) Impose sanctions on North Korea that cut them off from the Financial Global system and any travel of the world 2.) Enforce Security Council resolutions on them prohibiting sales of all ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons 3.) Obama needs to say the word “China” because China (was) involved.

“China has been training North Korea’s unit 121, cyber warriors whose HQs are located 3 hours outside the North border. China has the “Great Fire Wall”, the most sophisticated set of internet controls anywhere in the world. They can see all this data coming in and through their borders. China is complicit in these attacks, the cyber-warriors are located inside China and these attacks came from a China IP address, conclusion inescapable,” he said.

The FBI warns this destructive malware is so complicated that only China, Russia or Iran has these skills.

An effective but more than proportional response should be given by U.S.; this is an act of war. The Defense Dept. in 2011 issued guidelines on cyber-attacks as active wars and ones that would justify a U.S. “military response”. What they did to Sony in damages fall within those guidelines.

We know China has engaged in cyber security incursions of 100,000+ per day, since 2006. The FBI says Hackers, years ago, planted Trojan-horse viruses deep inside our utility grids, the airlines and banks. Then they wait for a salacious event to extort our freedom by threats to activate that malware.

Obama asks China for help against North Korea, for a blocking action to cripple efforts to carry out attacks. He’s waiting for China’s response not U.S. Defense Dept., before deciding what to do, while on vacation. China’s prints are all over it but: with our huge debt to them, their cyber-hacking ability, our Beijing Climate pact and China Center rent collected, Obama and Eric Holder like May’s hacking incident will never file war charges against China.

China now holds the title of Largest Economy in the World; they occupy a (6 floor) dedication Center in the most prestigious high-rise signifying trade in our nation. How ironic, most U.S. production jobs have moved to China where everything is made, leaving us to depend on government welfare.

Red China and Obama share cultural hegemony (PC influence) in shaping the mindset of America to be dependent on the ruling class. I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama has struck a deal with Chinese hackers to evoke fear from more cyber (death threats) to exchange our Freedom and Guns for communist government security. All the while boosting his Executive authority as he covertly builds the U.S. of Red China.