It’s an incontrovertible fact: sheep sink ships. This is not an attempt at humor. Nor is it an effort to showcase some impressive alliteration. It’s true.

Sheep sink ships because they all follow each other and flock to one side.

Even goats are wired differently. They sense imbalance and always migrate to the high side. And never sink a vessel.

I can think of many species in the animal kingdom whose traits are much more worthy of pursuing or emulating than goats. The eagle and the lion, to begin with. But it is telling that even goat thinking trumps sheep thinking.

The reason Western civilization, and its English-speaking leaders, face such peril is that our populations act largely as sheep, unwilling to practice independence, exercise individualism or change course when it is essential. Sheep mentality is the reason political correctness has replaced self-preservation. It is the explanation of why we allow ourselves to be bullied by the anti-bullying brigade. It is why Christianity eroded in Europe, and why nations such as England and Australia have entirely different cultural personas from even twenty years ago. Sheep in a nation make everything impermanent, and empower any path, irrespective of its seeming incompatibility and unlikelihood.

In short, sheep are the left’s best friends.

The American example has shown that countries and societies function at their optimum, when there is something of the cowboy in every citizen. Sadly, while historically at least, there has been something of the cowboy in every American, there has been a bit of the sheep station in most Westerners. Passivity and nonchalance are dangerous.

Trailblazing, risk-taking, independently-minded people are a tyrant’s worse nightmare. Cultures that make leadership, self-making, innovation, risk and colorful individualism unattractive through their reactions to them or persecution of those that display them, wield their own brand of tyranny.  Ironically, these same cultures are passive to everything else; they spring only to action to cut down individuals with too much confidence, success or flair.

Sheep inspire only mediocrity. Sheep aspire only to mediocrity.

It should occasion little surprise that where the cowboy spirit is most alive, such as the Southern and mid-Western states of America, the greatest concentration of the traditional family, faith, values and culture may be found. It’s why most foreign visitors to those geographic regions of America feel they are experiencing a time-warp. It’s not because the “new” ideas haven’t reached them; it’s that they had the courage to reject them.

Our education systems are, in many ways, producing sheep. This must be stopped.

It is a herd mentality of moral vanity that lays out the red carpet for the two cancers of our world- radical Islam and socialism.

Sheep don’t just sink ships. They sink countries, too. And they’ll sink all of us, if we let them.