If there’s been a more embarrassing example of a corporation reflexively bowing before a small pressure group, then getting its boardroom butt kicked by angry customers and reversing their decision, I don’t know what it might be.

Having apparently gone temporarily insane and forgotten who their customer base is, down-home country restaurant chain Cracker Barrel hastily decided to yank “Duck Dynasty” merchandise off the shelves, because avowed Christian Phil Robertson decided to avow his Christianity in public, and also revealed himself as a blatant out-and-proud heterosexual. For some reason, Christians haven’t gotten the message that their religion must be practiced only in basements and remote, secluded areas; they’re not allowed to discuss it openly and retain access to the public square. I guess they’re still hung up on all that “freedom of religion” stuff the powdered-wig guys scribbled into the Constitution with their quill pens.

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