It’s been a rough week for Creed frontman Scott Stapp.
Check it out:

Last Friday, Stapp posted a bleak, grainy-looking video to Facebook, claiming he’s “completely penniless” and living at a Holiday Inn, after the IRS allegedly froze his bank account multiple times and his record label allegedly refused to pay him royalties.

Now, according to TMZ, Stapp was placed on a 72-hour psychiatric hold by authorities after he was found on the side of a road in Madison County, Florida earlier this month, appearing to be drunk and claiming someone was trying to poison him.

Adding to Stapp’s woes, the singer’s wife, Jaclyn Stapp, told TMZ that Scott suffers from paranoid delusions, including having regular visions of people on fire. Stapp also reportedly left a voicemail message for the dean of his son’s school, claiming that ISIS was planning to attack the school.

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