Many people are so paranoid about being branded “racist” that they won’t honestly evaluate the actions of any black person. But how about another word that rhymes with racist … honest. And the truth about what happened in Ferguson last night after the grand jury found no guilt in Officer Wilson is that a bunch of criminals rioted and looted in defense of another criminal – Michael Brown. But how does breaking windows so as to be able to steal liquor make a statement that something bad happened to Michael Brown?


Do any of the rioters know the facts of the Michael Brown/Officer Wilson incident? Do they have any sympathy for Officer Wilson (as a just person should)? Or do they not because he’s white? So then now who are the real racists? Who are the ones who look at life through a racial lens? Are we supposed to have respect for people who steal and burn cars and buildings in protest over a criminal? And how good and sane is it for people to burn the neighborhood in which they live? And in the case of Rodney King, they even burned down their own homes. What kind of hopelessness or bitterness leads to something like doing that just because someone got beaten by the police because he led them on a VERY high speed car chase? Wouldn’t it be normal for the police to have their adrenaline pumped so high from a life-endangering car chase that they beat the perpetrator? Why is that not pointed out?


So, are we supposed to have respect for people who steal and burn cars and buildings in (supposed) protest over a criminal? Wouldn’t that just be the fruit of a criminal culture?


If race relations are going to improve in this country, then ALL people need to speak up for standards of good behavior and condemn bad behavior. Until political correctness stops excusing bad behavior for racial reasons (and I’m including the scandals of the high rates of abortion, single-parent families, and alcohol and drug abuse), there will always be racial division, as black criminals and the race baiters (like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson) are given a pass.


For example, unlike Officer Wilson, this Knoxville incident is intensely evil. Where was the uproar about this? And there are many such incidents, including black on black crime. Is this evil born out of guilt for being given a pass … a pass that deep down they know is undeserved?


Not until the inner cities decide to praise people taking their rioting energy and channeling it into productive action and career building will respect build and inner cities rebuild. And hats off to the “black” people who represent the point of view I’m presenting here and are not making excuses for bad behavior. (I’m sorry for saying “black” because they actually aren’t the color black, so that is inaccurate.)


Welfare has had a big part in bringing the black communities to what they are now, because if there was no welfare, then blacks, for survival reasons, would have to get it together, like the Irish, Italians, Chinese, etc. had to when there was no welfare.


If people want to see a role model for how to emerge successfully out of the ghetto, they need to watch the Ben Carson story. In fact, it would be nice as part of their punishment if all of the looters were forced to watch the movie about the life of Ben Carson and how he emerged out of the ghetto. There is a way. And that and their contributions to society would gain the respect of all.



Dennis Marcellino is the author of The Plague Of Liberalism ( His other books, CDs and DVDs can be seen at