We stand at a point in time that will determine the fate of America and in reality the world.

We are so far down the rabbit hole we see public perception of things like the “Tea Party” being more akin to the one in “Alice in Wonderland” than a patriotic movement to return to Constitutional Law.  I fear that the vast majority of the American public have drank the “kool-aid” and stepped forward to say, “May I please have some more sir.”

America was designed to utilize constitutional law to protect the people from the government, to be “of the people, by the people, for the people.”  Ask yourself, is there any resemblance of that concept in America today?

The current occupants of political offices, with far too few exceptions, are so corrupt that a vote in Congress can easily and accurately be predicted by a look at campaign contributions.  Yet, no public out cry.  Yes, it has been brought forward, and there is outrage, but because the majority is paying no attention, I cannot call it public outcry.

The president can blatantly ignore the law, and congress says nothing.  It is not a matter of Democrats or Republicans, Left or Right because in essence there is no difference between the two.  Both parties have repeatedly shown a priority toward self-interest and maintaining power or the increase thereof over public interest and the well being of the nation.  Yes, there is the occasional token dissent by a congressional member but either on something not detrimental to the agenda, or by so few of the members, it is never a threat to the agenda.  Often just for show.

The freedom of the press is a joke when the majority of the information that is provided to the public is nothing more than propaganda in an effort to control public opinion.  You feel like the writing is on the wall when you see unrestrained acts like the president commissioning a “Behavioral Insights Team” to “nudge” the public toward particular behaviors.

The outrageous actions by our government like “Fast and Furious” to create a crisis in an effort to promote their gun control agenda and even after it has come to light and Americans have died as a results, no public out cry.  Even years later, we see no consequences for the responsible parties, unless you count promotions as consequences, just threats of persecution for any whistleblowers and blatant disregard for the few in congress that seek the truth.

We have the full power of the government pitted against the people by the IRS in an effort to suppress any opposition; we see the might of the NSA focused on the American public, the DHS declaring that Christians and promoters of the Constitution are potential terrorists and a threat to the nation.  We have public testimony by officials that information obtained through the NSA’s efforts are used for political gain and suppression of opposition, yet no public out cry.

When we have laws, which do not allow a pastor to teach the full context of the Bible without being liable for prosecution for hate speech.  However, Black Panthers with nightsticks outside polling stations intimidating voters are not prosecuted.  Where is freedom, where is liberty, where is justice?

A president that overtly promotes racial division, which is especially disturbing in view of the fact that it was reported by an NSA informant as a White House plan before the fact.  This calls to attention the accompanying warnings: to look for a drone strike in southwest that will supposedly stop a terrorist attack and a separate plot against the president and the first family.  All fabricated in an effort create unrest, fear and tension, to get the public comfortable with the need for additional security.  Resulting in what could only be viewed as a police state, with heavily armored patrols roaming the streets and drones overhead and every electronic form of communication recorded and scrutinized.

The American public is presented with lies concerning almost any event to promote an agenda of control, and any dissenting truth is immediately labeled as a “conspiracy theory” which of course is only voiced by nut jobs.  The government itself covertly fabricates outlandish “conspiracy theories” to muddy the waters and distract from any that might dare to voice the truth or question the lies.

The majority just drinks the “kool-aid” in palatable flavors like “national security,” “public safety,”  “patriotic duty” and the all so popular “think of the children.”

I could go on for some time with examples of violations of the constitution, blatant misuse of power, suppression of the truth, but it is just too depressing knowing in reality I am just singing to the choir.

I have deliberately alluded to violations with out any reference to the source of my information, because I don’t want you to believe me.  These things are far too important to take anybodies word for it, you need to research and prove the facts for yourselves.  If you are not willing to take the time, or have convinced yourself that you don’t have the time, you are part of the problem.  If you just accept or dismiss it without proof, you are part of the problem.  If the only criteria for your vote are along party lines, you are part of the problem.

Know your representatives press them on the issues and stay informed in a concerted effort to keep them accountable.  Look for fearless, honest representatives that possess verifiable integrity, sadly these attributes are almost universally counter to the career politician.  Caution must be taken that there is nothing in their past with which to blackmail them, because the NSA will provide the ammunition to corrupt.

Our government can only be “by the people” if they are informed and actively involved and currently those that are, are far too few, and insufficient for the task.

This next election may be our last chance to save our country.  When you look at the frequent and obvious disregard for the constitution by the executive branch, the culpability of the legislative and judicial branches and the success of the propaganda machine (main-stream media) to propagate any lie and further the current agenda, you can’t help but think that this boldness is an indication that it is far later than any of us think.  It may already be too late, but nothing would make me happier than to be wrong on this.  It appears that our only hope is a revival of informed people of integrity exercising their constitutional rights of control.  It is going to take those that are paying attention getting mad and physically shaking the masses out of their kool-aid induced stupor.

We currently are on the precipice of a great abyss, and too many are just setting there sipping the “kool-aid” and enjoying the view.  Unaware of the great power poised to push them over the edge.  They will pay no attention until the weight of the chains and shackles of slavery are too great, and sadly, by then the keys to locks will all have been destroyed.