“The biggest divide in politics is between career politicians in both parties in Washington and the American people,” the senator says.

Democrat strategist James Carville once called Ted Cruz the “most talented and fearless candidate he has seen in 30 years.”

Arriving in Washington in 2012, the Texas senator has proved a quick study of the corrupt Washington games that are breeding cynicism across both parties. Demonstrating himself to be a man steeped in America’s founding principles and a patriot who expects Washington to listen, Cruz pulls the curtain back in this exclusive video interview to expose why government grows, while economic and personal liberties recede.

Cruz, who’s expected to be a 2016 favorite among grassroots conservatives, found President Obama’s recent National Prayer Breakfast remarks “stunning.” He continued, “It shouldn’t be that hard for a president to lift us up or speak goodness to evil.”

Yet, the Republican senator says, Obama “preached a false moral equivalence that every religion is equal.” The president “didn’t even have the courage to praise Egyptian President el-Sisi for recently calling out the radicals” who are perverting the Muslim faith, Cruz said.

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