The Lone Star State has a great record of producing exceptional American products and people.
And its latest export, freshman Senator Ted Cruz, is no exception.
Patriotic, individualistic, traditional and fluent in American values, it is difficult to conceive a representative more perfectly placed to lead an American renaissance.

In the interests of full disclosure: I am not just a fan of Senator Cruz; he’s a friend of mine.

But that does not make what I write here any less accurate, nor should it dilute the message this piece carries. I don’t write as his friend; I write as a non-American observer with America’s best interests at heart.
First meeting Ted Cruz in February 2011, he was a very long shot. In fact, driving from Wichita Falls to El Paso was a shorter distance. But somehow I knew. Something told me I was speaking to the next Senator from the great state of Texas. It was perhaps his presence; the fight in him, a discernible hunger to make a difference.

As I conducted speaking engagements across the state of Texas in 2011 and 2012, then candidate Cruz would become a most familiar face. From IHOP to Denny’s to university rooms, he was everywhere. No conservative grouping was considered inconsequential, irrespective of size or makeup. If he was invited, and he was free, he was there. And where he was not present, you would often hear it announced that he would be the speaker at the following month’s meeting, or as a wrap-up, you might hear that he had been the previous month’s speaker. Ted Cruz believed the conservative grassroots of the reddest state in the Union would ultimately deliver him the momentum for the most improbable victory, and they did.

I saw Ted not long after his first round primary defeat at the hands of his opponent, at the Texas GOP State Convention in Fort Worth. There was no dejection, no white towel; just steely resolve, and even more work. He and his father believed they were going to “win this thing”, and sure enough two months later, they crushed Lt. Governor Dewhurst, with an overpowering surge of support from the very people they had invested their faith in.

Cruz was indefatigable. He was courageous. He was unorthodox. That’s how he won.
Since being sworn in, we’ve seen these same qualities. Senator Cruz has faultlessly represented American values while bringing to Washington a distinctly Texan approach of boldness. He guards the Constitution fiercely and is vigilant in his homework. Erudite and succinct, his communication skills, honed as a champion debater and brilliant legal advocate, are striking. Depending on the requirements of the day, he can effortlessly switch between the elegant filet or the abrasive humiliation.
But most attractive of all is the unorthodoxy with which he pursues his objectives.

From defending the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Americans (hyperlink Second Amendment rights of law abiding Americans”- to prosecuting the case against Chuck Hagel (hyperlink “case against Chuck Hagel”-, Cruz has exhibited not just ideological purity and consistency; he has done so with panache and flavor. Using visual aids to great effect, complemented by several spots on national television, he has combined his skills to not merely make a point or stand on principle (notable and praiseworthy as they are), but to do so in a way that attracts the attention and memory of the politically-disengaged. And this ultimately is the only path to a revival of traditional American values such as entrepreneurialism, opportunity, innovation and success.

It is, if anything, predictable that the chattering classes and the political establishment, led by Democratic Florida Senator Bill Nelson, have combined in an effort to diminish Cruz’s performance, and sully his reputation .
His forthrightness and aggression clearly unsettles those that seek to retain the tranquil, vanilla and pedestrian environment Washington has evolved into. Of course, there is an interest here: the best way of keeping Washington as Washington is by preserving such an environment and squelching those with even a hint of cowboy, or individualist, instinct. The cowboy, as a rule is unfailingly civil but will never put the virtues of civility and comity ahead of his town or nation’s health or interest.

Senator Cruz impresses with his inspirational personal narrative and passion for freedom. His fluency in American values is surpassed only by his courage in his pursuit of them. He has lived his values; he embodies American opportunity and the exceptional American principle e pluribus unum.

With just a handful of weeks in the job, Senator Cruz is off to a flying start. And the kickback from establishment types proves it. Posing a danger to their agenda, and refusing to conform to the Washington culture, as well as his unique effectiveness in articulating an ideological position, means the attacks on him will only increase in number and ferocity.
While it is far too early to speculate, and so much is in only God’s control, Senator Ted Cruz could one day be the President of the United States.

If this transpired, it would be a further blessing to America.