Cruz entered the stage as the crowd chanted, “Run, Ted, Run!”

Cruz identified four key issues for this year’s election: 1) preventing amnesty, 2) stopping Obamacare, 3) adopting smarter foreign policy, and 4) defending constitutional rights.

The Senator was harshly critical of the White House’s immigration policies. “Obama has made a decision to make this election in 2014 a referendum on amnesty.” Like many other Texas elected officials, Cruz was frustrated by the detrimental impact of Obama’s failure to secure the border on our state. “In Texas, border security is not some abstract theory; it is something we live with everyday.”

Cruz mentioned Obama’s failure to visit the border when he was in Texas last month for several Democrat Party fundraisers, and how he had tweeted a map to the border to encourage the president to travel to Laredo and McAllen. The senator was not yet willing to give up on encouraging Obama to visit the border, issuing an invitation from the stage and pointing out that there was a golf course near Big Bend National Park.

The surge of children crossing the border was described by Cruz as a “humanitarian crisis [that is a]direct consequence of President Obama’s lawlessness.” He identified Obama’s decision in 2012 to grant amnesty to those who had come to the United States illegally as children as the trigger for the current border crisis, saying that we had gone from thousands of minors to tens of thousands of minors crossing the border, with an estimated 145,000 expected to cross next year if policies do not change.

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