Bear with me. I am watching CSPAN, Tweeting, and writing this column all at once. I am not sure I want to take the time right now to explain all the minutiae of what Cruz is trying to do. Suffice it to say, it is the longshot of all longshots…but it is a shot.

What NO SINGLE TALKING head on Fox seems to get (I have been in a Twitter Debate with none other than Britt Hume over the last hour) is that Cruz is trying to make a last stand. Allowing Cloture and allowing the bill to be defeated by a simple majority, THAT is what is Theater. What Cruz is attempting to do is NOT symbolic, or theater, or self promotion. He is trying to actually DO something.

What would be nothing but theater would be to let the bill be voted on as is. Then Reid will amend the bill to fund Obamacare. He will immediately have the votes to pass it (remember cloture so he only needs a simple majority) as amended and we will all be stuck with Obamacare. Then McConell and McCain will get to vote no and run commercials about how they stood up to Obamacare even though we all have to live with it. THAT is theater. THAT is self-promotion.

The Fox Pundits say, “let Obamacare collapse on its own”. I have a question. Social Security has been broke three times. Has it collapsed on its own? How about the Post Office? Once this passes, it will be with us in some form FOREVER.

Cruz is trying to stop that.

All that being said, he almost certainly will lose. But know this…he is making a difference!

Today a McCain staffer said this, “My boss (very dirty word here) HATES Cruz!

Now why do you think that is? Because Cruz is a fighter and McCain is a go along to get along self-promoting, self-enriching, amnesty supporting, Syria involving, no border fence building, progressive politician that’s why!

Think about the last four days. The following have done speeches attacking Ted Cruz. Obama (twice), Harry Reid (twice, both times calling Cruz an anarchist), McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Nancy Pelosi. And that is just what has been done in public. Today Cruz was called into an office with McCain and Co and literally berated, literally SCREAMED at. Make no mistake, the old guard Republicans are LIVID with Cruz. And it is simply because Cruz wont play good ol’ boy!

cruzThat means Cruz has drawn blood. Cruz (and Mike Lee of Utah and the tea party in the House) have landed body blows upon the left both inside and outside of the Democratic party.

Understand what you are seeing politically as well. Politically, this is a riverboat gamble. Cruz could come out of this ostracized by his party. My guess is that he will not. That’s why I am on Twitter and trying to help Pro-Cruz #makeDClisten trend nationally. My guess is that Cruz will emerge from this as the undisputed leader of the Republican party. And our Lord knows we need one!