To me the term “American culture” encompasses the whole of the history of the discovery, exploration, development, conflicts and growth of America from the Pilgrims landing at Plymouth Rock to this very minute. This long process, started by Europeans, saw the introduction of social theories on personal liberty and civil rights, economic development and even classical literature that praised the social experiments of prior civilizations like Greece and Rome and embraced their discoveries. Most important of all was the introduction of universal education of the masses, a social concept first introduced in Scotland, so every man and child could read the bible. That opened the flood gates of knowledge and discovery.

The movement from agriculture to industry was so rapid that the need for energy, from firewood to coal and then oil, outpaced the ability of humans to produce it resulting in the requirements for vast pools of labor. So great was the need that even children, let alone slaves, were thrown into the maw of the labor force and worked in such squalid conditions, coal mines for example, that a whole new industry of empathy was developed bringing to the consciousness, the social evils of child labor and poverty that needed to be addressed.

Laws were introduced relieving children of the burden of forced manual labor and returning them to the school desk for education and enlightenment. Labor unions developed to protect the rights of workers. These developments, over the years, were not without conflicts and differences of opinion and a great civil war ensued that ended the odious practice of slavery, an institution that made exclusive use of Africans.

America found itself facing new challenging social issues and how to solve them. Not all problems are solvable and many can only be worked around the edges, like what to do with emancipated former slaves. Bright and intelligent new thinkers from the black race like Fredrick Douglas of the 1800’s, Martin Luther King Jr. of the 1960’s and Herman Cain of today emerged to make effective marks on Americas culture and while elements of racism existed from the beginning and still exists today, the roll of Black Americans in America’s history cannot be ignored. That was sealed with the Freedom March in Selma, Alabama in the mid 1960’s.

Many black American’s have accepted the educational opportunities available to them and achieved notoriety or found their place in the work force. They have stepped forward in war, like Gen. ‘Chappie’ James, and Gen. Colin Powell, in government, like Condoleezza Rice and in Law, like Justice Clarence Thomas. But, still others entered the ranks of politics to distinguish themselves like such intellectual luminaries as Georgia Congressman Hal Johnson, who opined that the island of Guam would tip over and capsize with the addition of a Brigade of US Marines. And not to forget the other notables who have made a business of cultural destruction, both black and white, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Jeremiah Wright and Malcolm X.

Over 150 years have passed since the Emancipation Proclamation, and while facing different levels of racism, the African race in America has indeed progressed with all social attributes available to them when suddenly that development stopped. Changes in American politics, the introduction of Progressive, Liberal theories of social living that saw African-Americas as poor, pitiful creatures needing the helping hand of a benevolent government to give them a chance.

The first change was 40 acres and a mule followed by the “relief check”. The relief check brought conditions however. If a man capable of working lived in the household, then no government check. Immediately the black family was rent asunder, the men fled family responsibility and children were left with a single parent, mostly uneducated women vulnerable to any odious program the government wished to impose.

Still black culture in America flourished, specially in music, but mostly separate from developed American Culture. Music brought us together on one plane by such great performers as Count Basie, Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King Cole and others. The music culture changed as well from the wonderful jazz of the 1920’s and 30‘s to the cool “doo wop” of Detroit to the awful “Gansta Rap” of today condemning all but their culture and calling for murder and rape and the destruction of white society. We can thank Jamie Foxx and his role in “Jingo Unchained” for alerting us to the violent changes that are coming to meet us. The Hollywood culture is now also corrupted and strives to effect the destruction of American values. So, we now have to ask this question: If black American cannot accept American culture, then why should whites accept their roll in it?

America’s advanced culture developed rapidly over the past two hundred years. It was due to brilliant, liberated thinkers of European ancestry who found in America a place to escape from the clutches of monarchial and religious tyranny to construct a society based not on the laws of man, but on the inalienable rights granted from God. They produced written documents of law attesting to those facts and they were good laws for over two hundred years. They introduced the Culture of Western Civilization. It did not include silly notions of multiculturalism but all were welcome to come, enter the shining city on the hill, develop their own talents and become as successful, or poor, as their talents and the opportunities available, would let them and, at the same time, contribute to America’s culture.

Many of those same European countries, where the roots of our forefathers originated, were themselves advancing and withdrawing within their own spheres of religious and political development. New ideas were introduced, like National Socialism and Communism and ultimately, often violently, rejected. We now learn that while they failed and were rejected there, they were not forgotten and have now infected the American body politic, here.

Today we no longer see our political leadership guided by the laws made by our founding fathers. What we have today is the result of the slow imposition of a society controlled by our intellectual betters, guiding on contrived issues of no importance to anybody except the political machine to be used as diversions. We have new terms introduced almost daily to misdirect our attention, like the crisis of gun violence, the crisis of public health care, the crisis of athlete doping, the crisis of Teo’s dead girlfriend, the crisis of infrastructure deterioration, the crisis of clean air, the crisis of clean water, the crisis of global warming, the crisis of obesity and 16 ounce soft drinks, and on and on ad infinitem.

America’s once famous “Fourth Estate”, the media, is now almost completely corrupted into a propaganda forum for the further advancement of America’s destruction. They participate willingly in obfuscating the truth, supporting deviant social ideas, and engaging our attention while America burns, all designed to destroy the flower of Western Civilization.

To add insult to injury, we have a leader who invites the adherents of an alleged religion that wants to destroy our country, into the very bosom of America’s security apparatus. We see daily assaults on our religious beliefs, the imposition of odious social theories of sexual equality and the destruction of the those that oppose such nonsense as homophobic’s, racists, right wing nut cases, far right extremists and bitter clingers and even terrorists.

Why do we accept this attack on our culture. Why is their idea of multicultural secularism better than our long tested culture of the rights of man, equal rights and equal opportunity?

If they succeed, then all we will have left is a common culture of despair, apathy and misery. If they succeed, then we will have the failed despotic culture of Zimbabwe as our guide and Detroit will become the example of the shining city on the hill. It’s past time to wake up folks, it’s past time to take stock and keep fighting the rot that’s eating us away from within. (20 Jan 2013)