Moral values are American values. They were the very foundation of American society; and more so than any other nation, before or after.
The American is known as the most moralistic of men. This is neither myth nor supposition. It’s clear as day, and if you don’t believe it, ask a non-American.
Yet much like the education curriculums of Western high schools worldwide, the truth concerning American fundamentals has been massaged to the point of presenting a false narrative.
The fault lies square at the feet of the insipid but ingenious secular left, and the enormous infrastructure behind them. Their premeditated takeover of the once great American institution means they wield tremendous power, and are unafraid to assert it. The rules are theirs. The venues are theirs. The world, it seems, is theirs.
To serve their own ends, they have engaged in a relentless assault on Judeo-Christian values, and an equally ruthless distortion of the positive historical effect these values have had upon America, and the world.
To tell these secular leftists that the central text of the American values system is the Bible will relegate you to purgatory forever. This, from the same crowd that profess with straight face Islam to be a religion of great peace.
To color people, educational syllabi and media outlets, the secular left have doubled down on the trinity of leftist dogma: relativism, pluralism and absolutism.
They have stood on this platform of most brittle glass as there has been little pushback. Their attacks on the legitimacy of American exceptionalism, the concept’s “inherent arrogance”, and the repeated assurance every year on official July 4 video messages that American values are the values of humans everywhere miss the inescapable: American became exceptional with the opening three words of its Constitution.
It is of scant surprise that the very same assailants of American exceptionalism remain to this day deeply frustrated by the Constitution, for it impedes their plans and will.
Any future political change in America will ignore the culture wars at its own peril. One of the dangers of the promising and exciting new rise of libertarian populism is that it will avoid confronting these matters. The politically correct agenda, its handbag-hit squad and tut-tut parade has even convinced the new breed of “libertarian Republican” that culture wars spell electoral death for the conservative side.
Nothing could be further from the truth. Character counts. That’s the most American saying there is.