The beginning of World War 3 may be just around the corner.  I wonder … will they start it on 9/11, just a thought.  If you are like me you can’t believe, we are so far down the rabbit hole.

What a masterful job they have done, we have been bombarded with so many scandals and headlines.  Constitutional infringements.  Unbelievable decisions by the three branches of government, racial tension, it has been endless from every conceivable direction.  Any and every place a division can be propagated, …all as planned.

This has all been orchestrated in an unbelievable game of distraction, one designed to actually create a form of sensory overload.  You are bombarded with so much from every direction, you throw up your hands, cover your ears, you don’t want to hear any more, you decide it’s time to sit down and watch your favorite sitcom, just to think of something else, …just as planned.

They have succeeded in creating an environment where the majority is unaware of the magnitude and the severity of the situation we are in.  If you try to make them aware, you see their eye’s glaze over; telling you Elvis has left the building.  They are no longer seeing you, but someone akin to homeless evangelist on the corner holding a sign that says, “The End is near.”  Yes, they have done a masterful job.

In view of the enormity and frequency of these revelations and the way that many of them were revealed, you begin to see that this is not some coincidence riddled nightmare, but a carefully orchestrated symphony of deceit and betrayal of our Constitution.

How else can you explain the President of the United States signing an executive order that nullifies every one of your constitutional rights, and there is no uproar, there is no congressional hearing, meetings, or any discussion concerning how this can’t be allowed.  I don’t see masses of people harrying their representatives for answers.  Do you?  I am afraid that even if we did, the corruption is so thorough that responsible citizens would be ignored for the most part.

Yet, mister Obama signed this executive order, back in March 2012.  That’s 18 months ago the President not only ignored our constitution, again!  This time he signed an executive order that places him above the constitution.

Don’t misinterpret, this elaborate orchestration of deceit is not just to cover this, this is just one of the key pieces in the effort to complete the fundamental change which in essence is the downfall of the dollar and the death of our beloved republic.  I would highly recommend you take a look at one of Doug Hagmann’s recent articles, great read.

We have a president that swore to the following, “faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”  Then signs, an executive order that nullifies the constitution and no one thinks that is an impeachable offensive in and of itself?

When the executive order was signed, there was news coverage; there was political analysis on all the news channels, everybody was talking about it.  However, as the avalanche of new scandals, constitutional infringements, unbelievable decisions by the three branches of government, racial tension, rolled on, it just quietly became history.

Some of you by now have figured out that I am speaking of Executive Order: 13603, signed March 16, 2012.  “National Defense Resources Preparedness” in spite of what they tell you, one of the main “Resources” this document is concerned with is you.

For any of you that are not familiar with this vile document lets take a look at some of the key sections and play close attention to their choice of words.

Under “Part 1 Purpose, Policy, and Implementation” (Sec. 101) we find that this is to serve as an amendment to Defense Production Act of 1950, this act was a result of the beginning of the Korean War.  To start with, we must first understand what we are amending.

The Act can be broken up into three major areas of authorizations.  The first authorizes the President to force businesses to sign contracts, and fulfill orders under national defense.  The second authorizes to take control, and set regulations, to allocate materials, services, and facilities, according to national defense needs.  The third section authorizes to control the civilian economy, so that whatever needs in materials, and resources are available to meet the governments needs for national defense.

The Act also authorizes the President to requisition property, force industry to expand production, impose wage and price controls, control consumer and real estate credit, and allocate raw materials for national defense.

The Act has been periodically reauthorized under “National Defense” needs.

OK, so we see what we are amending, Executive Order 13603 in Sec.101 “Propose” it basically announces the intent to delegate authorities and resource policies for Defense Production Act of 1950.  In Sec. 102 “Policy,” we see first change other than organizational.  Now rather than under the purpose of national defense, when we are at war or under attack, at a time of dire need, it is additionally for “peacetime and in times of national emergency.”  Thereby, upon signing this executive order the president authorized the activation of all the rules contained within these two documents.

Under Sec. 103 “General Functions, (a) identify requirements for the full spectrum of emergencies, including essential military and civilian demand”;

In order to “identify requirements” of “demand” for both “military and civilian.”  You must have an inventory of stock on hand both military and civilian, this means they’re coming in your home to see what you have got.

It continues on authorizing total control of food, fuel, electricity, water, materials, manufacturing, services, movement, etc… but let’s jump ahead a little to Sec. 502

“Sec. 502 Consultants.  The head of each agency otherwise delegated functions under this order is delegated the authority of the President under sections 710(b) and (c) of the Act, 50 U.S.C. App. 2160(b), (c), to employ persons of outstanding experience and ability without compensation and to employ experts, consultants, or organizations.  The authority delegated by this section may not be redelegated.”

The last time I checked, forcing someone to work without compensation, was called slavery.

We are only around half way through this vile document, and we have citizens striped of their property, striped of their ability to provide for their family, totally at the mercy of the government for any and all substance.  People literally forced into slavery at the whim of the government, at the whim of the “head of each agency” the authority has been given to enslave.  This was signed 18 months ago just waiting for some appointed lackey to say, “go.”

There should be hearings there should be trials, there should be a lot of things, but there are none.  Please, this is not a party issue; don’t just envision me in my tin-foil hat and say, “I am sure that’s not what is going on.”  Don’t believe me either, the lies are so dominant question everything.  Take the time to click on the links above and read these documents on the governments own web site.  You are smart enough when armed with the truth to understand what the only logical choice is.  Now that you know, spread the truth, it is going to take “We the people.”

With the successive bombardment of distractions, this executive order as many others, has quietly slipped into the distant memory of many that had heard of it.  Sadly, there were far too few paying attention and telling the truth, and now, with the fog of war upon us, if nothing is done, someday soon the knock will come upon your door, granted the knock will most likely send the door flying across the room, but they will still call it a knock.

Wait a minute… maybe that’s why the seven crowns representing rulers in (Revelations 13:1) have been unnoticed, you, know the group of rulers from which the anti-christ rises.  Their alliance and rise to power has been unseen.  They are not kings or rulers of state, heads of government in the public eye as is often interpreted.  They have formed their alliance and come to power ruling unseen, ruling through the might and authority produced by wealth.  Isn’t that the “Golden Rule,” Those who have the gold make the rules,” if you make the rules, doesn’t that make you a ruler…  I digress.

Stay strong at heart, strong of will, hope for the best, and prepare for the worst.

Remember never do it electronically, you already know who’s listening