On a recent trip to our nation’s capital, we visited the Washington Monument. This was the 4th of July weekend. At the foot of the monument, we waited in a long, roped off line listening to Mexican (not American) music being played nearby.

There were 3 things I wanted to learn. I got an email a year ago about the Latin phrase “Laus Deo” that was supposedly engraved on top of the Washington Monument. I wanted to know if that was true. I also wanted to know if it was true that George Washington’s Bible, a newspaper, some money of the time, and the Constitution were buried in the cornerstone of the monument. Nick, our paid bus tour guide had told us this information. I also wanted to see for myself if D.C. tour guides were purposefully erasing our Christian heritage, if  history was being rewritten.

After talking with 3 of the park rangers who seemed completely ignorant regarding Washington’s Bible and the capstone, we took the elevator back down and I asked to speak with the “boss” of the Park Rangers. As I was pushed aside to a holding area to make room for the tourists rushing in, I urged Jan to get her camera ready. Finally, an intense red-faced man in a ranger uniform and hat with a pony tail sticking out approached me and started to shout at me for about 15 minutes. I asked him why none of his rangers could answer my simple questions about the buried Bible and the engraved, aluminum cap stone. He changed the subject several times, going off on nonsensical tangents. He then said his employees were new and didn’t know all the facts. I brought up the 25 year ranger.

Boss replied, “The people who work here aren’t the brightest bulb in the drawer,” something to that effect.

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