Talk about your League of Devils: Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg, La Raza and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce are teaming up to push a pro-amnesty campaign on Twitter.

Zuckerberg of course represents the current generation of Internet tyrants who have created an information free-for-all then turned around and tried to lock out conservative voices and dissenters from the present Administration.

The National Council of La Raza is the prototype left-wing racist, anti-American organization that wants the Western United States to be given to Mexico and renamed Aztlan.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, despite its efforts to maintain a wholesome, conservative image, is a prime example of the worst aspects of capitalism, looking to exploit ignorant, foreign labor to increase profits at the expense of American workers.

These are three of the primary forces conniving to bring an end to American sovereignty: demagogic liberal ignorance, Marxist anti-Republicanism and good old-fashioned greed.

The alliance for amnesty is coalescing around the hashtag #Ready4Reform.

Zuckerberg’s group has been sending out videos and links of people talking about why they want “reform” of immigration laws. Reform is the buzzword for eliminating immigration laws and letting foreigners tramp through America legally.

The Chamber is so ham-handed it actually tweeted, “Crime rates are lowest in states with the highest immigration growth rates.” You might want to run that one by ranchers and city dwellers from Southern California to Texas. Many of them have a different impression.

La Raza, as the name implies, is a group purely focused on “the Race,” people of MesoAmerican blood. It’s one of the Left’s numerous KKK-style “cultural” groups, recruiting primarily from college Chicano Studies departments with the help of radical professors.

Who would be vile enough to bring together such a ragtag band of America-destroying influences to undermine U.S. law by exploiting the very people they are claiming to help?

Well …

The National Immigration Forum is lurking in the shadows of many of the pro-amnesty lobbying efforts on Capitol Hill and elsewhere. And the NIF is the brainchild and beneficiary of (drum roll) … George Soros, the same billionaire who bankrolled Obama and has been using the Democratic Party to undermine the country’s cultural, social and political foundations for years now.

He’s also backing Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president in 2016.

According to La Opinion, whose editorial board seems to think white conservatives don’t read Spanish, there is also a lobbying effort in D.C. to “manufacture conservative support” for amnesty, though the  editorial didn’t name names.

“The conservative lobbying effort can be expected to make some House members listen to reason, so they can see that the stereotypes that were created have nothing to do with reality,” according to La Opinion.

But the reality is that the pro-amnesty movement has nothing to do with helping people from other countries who want to be here legally, and it has everything to do with pulling the rug out from under the feet of American workers at a time when the economy has been staggering for years.