On Friday’s airing of PBS’s “NewsHour,” New York Times columnist David Brooks offered support for President Barack Obama’s “worthy” new economic PR blitz, but suggested government needs to take a greater interest in Americans’ personal lives as well as their wallets.

In his weekly appearance with Creators Syndicate columnist Mark Shields, Brooks commented that the president has taken his argument away from a “cyclical debate” about the economy to put focus on that it is a structural debate.

“I agree that what’s nice is they’re moving from the cyclical debate we have been having over for the past five or six years, which is stimulus versus austerity, to a structural debate,” Brooks said. “And he’s talking about the big issues, globalization, technological change, widening inequality, all that kind of stuff. And I’m glad we’re having that debate. I agree with Mark [Shields]. The prescriptions are — they’re not bad. They’re just normal. And so they’re infrastructure spending, raising the minimum wage, improving education. That’s all worthy. They’re incommensurate with the size of the problems. We have had decades where men are just dropping out of the labor force, widening inequality. These are gigantic problems. And where I wish he would go and what would be creative and I think take an interesting turn in the debate is to combine the economics and the social.”

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