I’m about to say something that, even to my own ears, sounds nuts. I’m thinking Matt Bevin is about to win the Republican primary for United States Senate. I’m basing this not on statistics, not on anything like a scientific study, but on a gut feeling and some informal observations. Namely:

  • Matt Bevin was a guest on the Glenn Beck Show last week. During the interview Beck, admittedly no stranger to hyperbole, called Bevin “the closest thing I have seen to a founding father”. This is positive national media exposure that McConnell, even with his national campaign network, has not had recently.
  • At the recent Freedom Works rally in Louisville that was held on behalf of Bevin, they were hoping for 1,500…they got 3,500.
  • Locally in Paducah, Matt Bevin had 76 in attendance for a meet and greet at a private home despite little advance time for publicity. Meanwhile Mitch McConnell had a meet and greet in Louisville. It was heavily promoted. The NRA endorsed him at this event. Attendance?…67. Rumor has it that McConnell was so miffed that he only spoke for two minutes.
  • McConnell has spent somewhere in the neighborhood of three million dollars on attack ads against Mr. Bevin. Riddle me this. If Bevin is so unelectable, why would McConnell spend these precious resources that are sorely needed for the general election?

Yesterday morning I was at Matt Bevin campaign headquarters in Lone Oak. There I met some very passionate volunteers as we waited for Mr. Bevin’s arrival. These people are informed, passionate, and mobilized. Two weeks ago I spoke to a group of outstanding young people, they too are animated and hitting the streets for Mr. Bevin. As I looked around, as I saw the working class automobiles in the driveway and noted the lack of black SUV’s and Escalades, I had a thought, “This is what a revolution looks like.”

This is a primary folks, it’s a different animal than a general. This stuff matters. These indicators matter.

I met Mr. Bevin today. I got to spend some one on one time with him. I deliberately didn’t ask about politics. Instead I tried to spend the brief time he could give me looking into the heart of the man. I don’t care what the McConnell sponsored ads claim. Mr. Bevin is an honorable man, a successful businessman, and quite frankly most important to me, a devoutly Christian man.

God knows this nation needs more men like Matt Bevin in Washington D. C.

I know the two major objections that I hear over and over. 1) We are afraid to split the Republican vote or 2) Bevin can’t win the general.

To both I say, baloney. The only reason Allison Grimes even has a snowball’s chance is because she is young, new, and NOT Mitch McConnell. There will be a HUGE vote against incumbency in the general election. Legions of voters are going to vote for change just for the sake of change. For that reason, McConnell has a true uphill battle in the general election. Grimes can run against his record and his long standing incumbency. In so doing she doesn’t have to really define who she is (a Harry Reid liberal and a Valerie Jarrett pal). She can get away with meaningless vapid statements like, “I am going to create jobs in Kentucky by raising the minimum wage.” (I’m still trying to figure out that math.)

Well, last time I checked, Matt Bevin is young, new and not Mitch McConnell.

Mr. Bevin said something I found very profound. He quoted one of my favorite men from history Winston Churchill. Churchill said this, “To each there comes in their lifetime a special moment when they are figuratively tapped on the shoulder and offered the chance to do a very special thing, unique to them and fitted to their talents. What a tragedy if that moment finds them unprepared or unqualified for that which could have been their finest hour.” Matt Bevin has sacrificed a great deal for his state and his country to run in this election. Matt Bevin felt a tap on his shoulder and he was prepared …are you?

I long ago lost count of the number of people who have talked to me, shaking their heads and looking at the ground, and said something like, “We are losing this country. We need a change in Washington.” I couldn’t agree more. But sooner or later Kentuckians, we have to do more than shake our head and talk. Sooner or later we have to take action.

So rearrange whatever schedule you need to rearrange and get to the polls today. Take a cue from men like Churchill and from our founders and swim against the tide. Pull the lever for Matt Bevin. If you’ve asked God to send Christian men to Washington, he has done his part. He gave you such a candidate and he placed you in this federalist republic with a blood won opportunity to take this action at a time such as this.

Come on Kentucky, stop shaking your heads and do something. Let’s make history. Let’s turn the political world on its ear. Let’s prove that America is till of the people, by the people and for the people. Let’s vote for Matt Bevin!