Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his life trying to bring the races in America together. His dream was that all of God’s children—black and white, Jew and Gentile—would stop focusing on race and religion and start focusing on character and merit. Little did he know that some of his own followers as well as other political opportunists would pervert his dream by becoming race hustlers. Race hustling involves purposefully stirring up racial tension in ways that create opportunities that can be exploited for personal gain. Race hustling is an equal opportunity concept in that it is practiced by unworthy people of all races but especially, black and white liberals. What all race hustlers have in common, whether they are black or white, is that nobody benefits from their nefarious shenanigans but them.

When people hear the term “race hustling,” most immediately think of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and their ilk; as well they should. Both of these so-called reverends are consummate practitioners of the concept. However, there are many lesser known race hustlers—black and white—whose only interest in racial harmony is in how to prevent it. The Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons of the world have turned America’s racial divide into a thriving industry that has fattened their wallets and kept them in the limelight for decades. Race hustlers like Jackson and Sharpton fear just one thing above all else: society’s realization of Dr. King’s dream. Fortunately for America, but unfortunately for race hustlers like Jackson and Sharpton, their industry is doomed. The days of race hustlers are numbered.

For readers who find this claim hard to believe, stay with me for a few more lines. My prognostication is more than wishful thinking. There are several socio-cultural phenomena that are going to render Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and their ilk irrelevant. In this column I will present just one of them: the rapid growth of successful, conservative, educated, articulate black Americans who abhor the tactics of race hustling, reject government dependence, and believe in opportunity, hard work, and entrepreneurship. They also love America and endorse American exceptionalism.

To Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Barack Obama, these conservative black American’s represent the supreme threat. Writing in the April 7, 2014 issue of The Washington Times, Dr. Ben Carson commented: “The most dangerous people to the modern manipulators are people who have freed themselves from the plantation mentality.” Dr. Carson is talking about black Americans who race hustlers—Carson calls them “manipulators”—like to call traitors, Uncle Toms, and other less complimentary pejoratives.

The reason President Obama, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the NAACP, and other proponents of race hustling are so vociferous in their unrelenting attacks on successful, conservative black Americans can be summarized in one word: desperation. If successful conservative black Americans such as Thomas Sowell, Ben Carson, Walter Williams, and Allen West are right—and they are—Barack Obama, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton are wrong. Worse yet, if conservative black Americans are right, it becomes apparent to members of the larger black community that they have been misled by race hustlers—black and white—who have lined their pockets, won political power, and stayed in office by exploiting poor blacks; people who—truth be told—they care nothing about. The day is not far off when poor black Americans are going to look at successful black Americans and ask themselves: “How did they do it?” Further, they are going to look at themselves and realize that government dependence is a sham perpetrated by false do-gooders who really don’t care about them.

Dr. Carson had this to say about race hustlers:“In today’s culture, there are political forces that see the descendants of slaves as useful objects for maintaining their positions of wealth and power. By promising to care for their every need, they create dependency. Frightening those dependents into thinking that they will be abandoned if others are in control, they create loyalty that is undeserved but fierce—loyalty that translates into the real goal: votes. Anyone or anything that threatens this paradigm of victim and protector must be destroyed, lest the victims recognize the deceitfulness of their manipulators and revolt.”

It is counterintuitive to thinking people of all stripes to hear liberals—black and white—label black Americans as racists, turncoats, and traitors who have abandoned the black community simply because they believe in opportunity, self-sufficiency, entrepreneurship, and personal responsibility. This is a message that is becoming harder and harder to sell. The time is coming when people of all races are going to stop automatically accepting the condescending messages fed to them by liberals—black and white—who are interested in their votes but not in their true welfare. Barack Obama, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and their ilk better make hay while the sun shines because the day of race hustlers is coming to an end. The day is coming when poor blacks in America are going to stand up in the middle of a Jesse Jackson speech, an Al Sharpton diatribe, or a Barack Obama lecture and say: “That dog won’t hunt.”

It may be difficult for readers to accept that the days of race hustler are numbered, but they are. Just as the Jim Crow days in the old South were based on a lie—the lie of racial inferiority—the current race hustling days are based on a lie: white guilt coupled with black entitlement. No concept based on a lie can endure forever. The truth is a stubborn phenomenon. It is often slow to reveal itself, but eventually and inevitably it does. It always does. When it does, those who have exploited blacks and whites for personal gain will be exposed for what they are: uncaring opportunists who transformed Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream into a nightmare. Next time you become frustrated by the irresponsible antics of Jackson, Sharpton, et.al., just remember this: As bad as nightmares can be, we eventually wake up. So will America.