My question becomes, if imminent danger and a history of victimization aren’t reasons acceptable to the issuing authority for a carry permit, then what is?

Apparently, being an American with a God given right to do so isn’t sufficient cause for Lanier.

Then again, being a victim of a crime or living where street crime is the highest in the nation are also insufficient reasons to be able to defend yourself, according to Lanier.

In a statement she made last week as the District began accepting applications for carry permits Lanier stated her views unequivocally:

“Living in a crime-plagued area where killings have occurred, would not be sufficient cause for a concealed carry permit; nor would owning a home that’s been burglarized many times.”
What does that translate to? Even if you are a victim of MULTIPLE crimes or live in an area that you have an abnormally HIGH likelihood of being victimized, which is saying something since you all ready live in the crime capital of America, EVEN with all that in, Lanier’s eyes, you do not have “sufficient cause” to carry.

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