Real Clear Politics has uncovered an organized, well-funded and concerted effort by Washington Republican insiders to circle the wagons around incumbents who may see primary challenges.  Scott Rasmussen described it in a headline as, “Republican Establishment Declares War on GOP Voters.”

Post-election analysis of November voting by Real Clear Politics and other pundits reveals a telling message from the behavior of the two most essential blocks of voters for Republican candidates, (1) Registered Unaffiliateds who voted for the Democrat, and (2) Registered Republicans who chose to not vote at all.

According to Rasmussen’s monthly sampling taken throughout 2012, party affiliation among American voters averaged 36.29% Republican, 33.40% Democrat, and 30.30% for all others combined including Registered Unaffiliated voters.  So, if every voter cast a ballot for their own party’s nominee, Mitt Romney would be President, joined by a majority of fellow Republicans throughout most elections at every level across the states.

Millions of the party’s own simply did not vote, giving the 2.89% disadvantaged Democratic Party the opening that it needed to win.



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