Please, shadow boxing conservative, stop sending out your passive-aggressive press releases and whining to your mainstream media stenographers that the very people who put you there are the problem here, and not you.

In human relationships it’s referred to as the “nine stages of grief.” In politics, it’s referred to as the five stages of suckitude.
Stage 1:
Do the right thing when it’s easy and doesn’t count, so then when you don’t have the courage to do it later when it does count, you can claim you still did.
Stage 2:
Go silent right before you’re about turn on your base and break your word to pretend as if you’re really agonizing over your sellout. See, if you’re really agonizing over something you’ll listen to voices of differing perspectives on the matter. But once your inner circle becomes your own echo chamber, you’re no longer agonizing
Stage 3:
After the sellout you pretended to agonize over, do not do media interviews or constituent appearances that might force you to have to defend the indefensible for at least several days. Thus, giving the system time to contrive another faux controversy to feed the idiocracy.
Stage 4:
Instead, put out a statement claiming that “it was a tough call,” and “there were no real good choices here.” You’re the highly-paid victim who can vote himself a pay raise and a subsidized pension after all.

Stage 5:

When stages 1-4 fail, attach a legislative fig leaf to cover your shameful nakedness, which appeases the huddled masses your consultants convinced you are really stupid (sometimes these people are more respectfully referred to as “constituents”). Otherwise known as some uber-principled piece of legislation that you know has no chance of going anywhere, but allows your sycophants to deride those you betrayed and lied to as “purists” and “troublemakers” for being offended at your offense.

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