I’ve figured out the reason why non-interventionists and “neocons” can’t stand one another. They’re too much alike. Each is peddling a Utopian philosophy that sounds great when confined to a white paper, but doesn’t acknowledge the reality of the nature of evil in a very real world.

And I’m not alone in this conclusion. If you’re keeping up on what Sen. Rand Paul is saying about our foreign policy recently, it turns out he agrees. I’ll get to that in a minute.

Criticizing America’s Hellenists, the neocons, only gets you Hosannas nowadays after our clear failure to successfully nation-build in Afghanistan and Iraq. If President Obama wasn’t such a failure, the neocons would be our favorite punching bag.

All the neocons taught us is that liberty isn’t an exportable commodity in the hands of a federal government that is the greatest domestic threat to it. Nor is freedom a plug-and-play flash drive compatible with every belief system, but there are reasons why America is exceptional that are fundamental to our founding after all. Our history doesn’t change despite the fact we’re foolishly abandoning that legacy in our day. Not to mention the fact a pretty good rule of thumb is whenever Rep. Peter King is your front man, you know you’re toast.

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