My phone, email, and social media accounts instantly start blowing up Tuesday in response to the news Jeb Bush was going to “actively explore” a 2016 presidential run.

Except the near-orgasmic response wasn’t from whom you might think.

It didn’t come from conservatives, but from the mainstream (liberal) media. Twelve hours later, a Google search for “Jeb Bush actively explore” returned over 3.8 million results, and the first page of entries was almost entirely comprised of mainstream media hits. Herein lies one of the primary reasons why Jeb Bush is never going to be elected President of these United States.



It doesn’t matter whom the Democrats nominate, provided that person is sane and doesn’t vacation in Thailand with NAMBLA. Jeb Bush cannot win. That’s not an opinion. That’s not a preference. That’s simple historical fact.

In fact, you can throw Chris Christie and Mitt Romney (should he be dumb enough to run again) in there, too. They can’t possibly win as well.

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