Our very own Steve Deace sets the record straight on some inaccurate media reporting about his radio program, as well as his role in the Iowa Caucuses.

I find it curious how some of my media peers can so badly misread what I say and do politically when there is a public record of pretty much all of it.

We post the unedited podcast of every radio show. I also write for numerous national publications, in addition to fulfilling numerous media requests for interviews on presidential politics. I’m pretty transparent. Heck, I’m a conservative who even goes on MSNBC. It doesn’t get much more transparent than that.

Nevertheless, some misconceptions have risen in recent days that I would like to clear up. They are in regard to some my takes on various presidential candidates and my role in the Iowa Caucus process.

First concerning my recent comments on Mike Huckabee’s statements in favor of the welfare state: There is a record of those comments in my archive. I’m pretty blunt, so I don’t understand why some feel the need to try and interpret what they mean when it’s pretty clear I mean what I say. However, just in case it’s still not clear to some, I’m happy to clear the air.

I know in politics we have a tendency to act like children instead of adults, and everything is always the greatest ever or the worst ever. But in the adult world, reasonable people can disagree and still like each other. I put my livelihood and credibility on the line for Mike in 2008, and would do the exact same thing again if I had to do it over. However, this is a new cycle, a different environment, and the issues are not the same. For example, defending the welfare state was not one of Mike’s prominent positions in 2008.

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