What in hell happened? Late on the evening of the election, half (almost) of the Country was asking that question. A lot of us are still in a bit of shock, incredulous at the outcome, horrified by the other half’s choice. We CAN’T understand it. So as we begin another four-year slog with the “Socialist in sheep’s clothing” running the Country I have some things to say to you, Mr. Romney.

(Redundant I know) I cannot believe you weren’t elected! How did you NOT win? I thought a hamster could have beaten Obama. Now I realize the hamster would’ve had to have a corrupt media behind him like Obama did. That’d have worked.

I wasn’t a big fan of yours at the beginning of the campaign. I was a Herman Cain guy. As candidates fell away I started paying closer attention to you. After you won the Republican primary I found out what kind of man you are when you picked Paul Ryan as a running mate. That was brave and bold and the exact right choice. It was a courageous choice by you and the fact you made it really surprised me. Your stock (to me) went up big time.

As the campaign droned on I watched you mostly stay above the fray. You did little to “fire back” at the many, many lies and distortions Obama and the media laid at your feet. It was a crime to see how easily the Democrats used their friends in the media to beat on you, your accomplishments, family and character. What disgusting pigs they are! (I’ll say it since you wouldn’t). You took it pretty gracefully I’d say and for that you are probably a better man than me. I could not have been so easy going about it.

I believe America missed a real chance to turn things around by re-electing President Obama. I believe you would have repealed Obamacare, fired up a real energy policy, lowered taxes, reduced regulations, shrunk government, saved the Country. I know you are a man of character. I know about the many, many millions you’ve given to charity. I know you believe in God and family. I absolutely believe that together with Paul Ryan we’d have had a level of character and honor in the White House unlike any we’ve had in decades. America screwed this one up, Sir. And it’s really sad.

I don’t see things getting better any time soon unfortunately. The President has his agenda and the debt will increase as his ambitions do. Four more years. Then what? It’s time for a real Conservative candidate to step up. He’ll have to willing to do what you would not. He’ll have to be willing to draw the very distinct line between the beliefs of Conservative Republicans and Liberal Democrats. The gloves must come off….and that isn’t your style.

We will need a candidate who will punch back fast and hard. We don’t need Miss Congeniality. Dealing with disgusting people like David Axelrod and Valeri Jarret requires fighting fire with fire. Double that for dealing with Obama. I don’t see you getting down and dirty. We need some serious down and dirty.

It would have been very interesting to see America after four years of President Romney. I’m sure we’d have had a fairly quiet White House free from scandals. I believe you and Ann would have restored class and dignity to the Office. I believe America would be moving forward as opposed to “leaning forward” (Lean Forward—what a stupid saying anyway!) Instead we get to have four more years of “Lean Socialist”.

So Mr. Romney, if you had dropped the gloves on the Liar-in Chief you might have won the election. Yes I realize that ain’t YOU. The next time we must have a candidate that will tell Americans the truth. The truth is half of us are supporting the other half. Taxes are ridiculous and rising. Handouts are out of control. Unions want to control all labor. Our schools largely suck. Tenure for teachers needs to end forever. Regulations are strangling us. Our debt will bring the Country to its knees. The size of government needs  to be cut in half. Illegals are ILLEGAL. Deal with them. Social programs must be reduced and some eliminated. People must become responsible again.

If we have a Conservative….a real Conservative who is unafraid to take that message to the people then we may win. Win or not….it is high time to say to America “Here’s what being a Conservative is about. If you want to support the losers, the lazy, the illegal, you aren’t with us. If you want all kinds of handouts from the government that are paid for by your neighbors….you aren’t with us. If you don’t want us to live by the Constitution you’re not with us. You get the point.

It is time to actually complete the splitting up of America that Obama started. Split us right in half more or less. Lay all the Conservative cards on the table and be unafraid. Playing nice with Liberal Dems didn’t work in 2008 or 2012 so let’s knock that off. We are the exact opposite of what Obama and his supporters and their ilk are. Let’s shout it proudly and let the chips fall where they do.

Mr. Romney, I am still saddened and disheartened with America after seeing Obama re-elected. I don’t understand us. I think you and Mr. Ryan could and would have done great things for America. I thank you for trying and for putting your families through the gauntlet to do so. We missed a chance for redemption and for deliverance from our current Marxist leaders. You are a good man. You tried. I wish you fought nastier. A lot of us do. That is what we’ll need in 2016. A good dose of nasty.

Meantime, go back to doing what you do, being a good dad, husband, neighbor, businessman. You have accomplished things our “community organizer-in-chief” never could.

Shame on America.