I used to get into the biggest fight with my husband. Every. Single. Morning. I had to be at work at 8:30. He didn’t have to be at work until 9. We shared a car. You see where this is going. I mean, we’d have verbal knock out drag downs over him making me late. He would hide the keys or sit in front of the door on purpose, and I would be fuming.

In those moments of my petty anger, there was nothing that could have calmed my hot head…except a real tragedy. Thinking in these terms, I can’t help but notice how it mirrors the political climate of our country. We are up in arms over every political issue, and nothing will stop our bickering…except a tragedy. A death.

Today marks 40 years since abortion was legalized in the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court Decision.

Death. 40 years and 50 million little lives never lived.

We’re a divided nation- a husband and a wife in an argument. We’re fighting about important issues – issues that affect every part of our lives – issues that need to be argued about; but we all know that if, in the midst of our bickering, we were to get the call that our daughter died, the last thing we’d be concerned about would be our family budget…or the debt ceiling. We’d drop the phone and take off running.

The debt ceiling needs to be discussed. So does foreign policy. So do Constitutional rights. So does your family budget. But, one issue that we can’t lump in with the others is the issue of abortion. It’s been 40 years. It’s time to drop the phone and take off running.

Dismembering a defenseless human baby, safe in his mother’s womb and calling it a political issue, or even more offensive, a choice, is an absolute tragedy.

Our president is the most liberal president that the nation has ever had. On the topic of abortion, he has said that he hopes his daughters get to make their own health care choices and that they don’t get punished for a mistake with a baby. Devastating words from the mouth of our president.

Just like I can grit my teeth when my husband makes a financial decision that I don’t agree with, I can grit my teeth through 4 more years of higher taxes and immigration policies made on Capitol Hill. There are political battles to fight and its our job to fight them in order to win back our country’s freedom. But, abortion is another fight on another level. It is not political. It’s not a choice. It is life and death. And, we all know that life and death situations trump everything.

As a nation, we need to get on our knees and pray. Then, we need to get off our knees and act. We need to tell people what abortion is. There is a whole generation, my generation, with our eyes in our books, or on our phones. People think that abortion is a form of birth control. Ignorance.

I recently got to interview Lincoln Brandenburg of Pro Life on Campus – an organization that travels to college campuses using graphic images of abortion to start conversations and share truth. He has been able to talk people through the horrific reality of abortion and has seen lives changed and lives saved. Check out our interview to discover more about this organization and to learn about a laundry list of practical ways that we can all get involved in putting an end to this dark chapter in our nation’s history.