Close friends and former co-workers of George Zimmerman testified Monday that the former neighborhood watch volunteer can be heard screaming on a 911 tape that captured his confrontation with 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.
Sondra Osterman, wife of Zimmerman’s best friend Mark Osterman, told jurors that the shrieking voice on the tape was “definitely” that of Zimmerman.
“Yes, definitely, it’s Georgie,” Osterman said. “I hear it, I hear him screaming.”
“Yes, definitely, it’s Georgie. I hear it, I hear him screaming.”
– Sondra Osterman
Osterman told jurors she has known Zimmerman since 2006, when they worked at a mortgage company. Osterman’s husband has written a book about the fatal shooting — “Defending our Friend: The Most Hated Man in America” — and Sondra Osterman told jurors that would not affect her testimony in the case.
“I wouldn’t lie for him or for anybody,” Sondra Osterman said of Zimmerman; she said she was unsure how many copies her husband’s book has sold.
Osterman testified she did not think Zimmerman’s use of an expletive on the 911 call indicated any ill-will or hatred on his behalf.
“I don’t think he was angry,” she told jurors.

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