Kerry blowing political smoke.

According to Reuters, “U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Tuesday during a visit to Canada that he would like to make a decision soon on TransCanada Corp’s Keystone XL crude oil pipeline. . . . While Kerry said he would like a quick decision on the project, he gave no hint as to when that would come. ‘I certainly want to do it sooner rather than later but I can’t tell you the precise date,’ Kerry told a joint news conference with Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird.”

This is an amazing statement from the Secretary of State given what Reuters writes in the second paragraph: “TransCanada has waited more than six years for the Obama administration to make a decision on the line, which would take as much as 830,000 barrels per day of Alberta tar sands crude to refineries on Texas’ Gulf Coast.”

The Obama administration has stalled and delayed the Keystone XL pipeline for more than six years now. Every time the president was faced with having to make a choice on approving or rejecting the pipeline’s permit, he’s avoided making a decision by giving excuses, asking for ever more studies, or trying to push a decision until after an election.

This pipeline should have been an easy choice years ago. “Support for [the] Keystone XL pipeline is almost universal,” as The Washington Post wrote in a headline over the summer. Unions have long urged its approval as a job creating project. The administration’s delays continue to harm our relations with our key allies in Canada and have been blasted by newspapers as “embarrassing” and union leaders as a “gutless move.”

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