Laws mean nothing to liberals.
Check it out:

Democrat Gov. John Kitzhaber, revealed that she illegally married an 18-year-old Ethopian immigrant when she was 29 years of age in exchange for $5,000 so that the immigrant would not get deported.

“Seventeen years ago I made a serious mistake by committing an illegal act when I married a person so that he could retain residency in the United States. It was a marriage of convenience. He needed help and I needed financial support,” Hayes said of her “green-card marriage” to Abraham Abraham. “We met only a handful of times. We never lived together. I have not had any contact with him since the divorce finalized in 2002.”

According to KPTV (Fox 12 Oregon), “Hayes’ admission comes after the Willamette Weekdiscovered she had been married and divorced three times–not two–and that the previously undisclosed third marriage was to Abraham.” Kitzhaber reportedly “did not know about the third marriage until Tuesday afternoon.” Her marriage with Abraham occurred “on July 19, 1997 in Washington state when Hayes was 29 years old, according to the Washington State Department of Health certificate of marriage.”

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