How many times have you heard of someone being charged as an accessory to a crime or charged with aiding and abetting someone who commits a crime?

Should those who help illegal aliens also be charged with being an accessory to criminals?

Perhaps that’s a question that US Attorney General Jeff Sessions needs to be asking. President Donald Trump and Sessions have announced that the federal government will be cutting federal funds and grants to all sanctuary cities and other localities. How great would it be if Sessions used the Department of Justice to file charges against all of the liberal politicians who are defying the federal government’s immigration laws and protecting illegal aliens?

According to

n. a second-string player who helps in the commission of a crime …

Legal Dictionary defines ‘accessory’ as:

“Aiding or contributing in a secondary way or assisting in or contributing to as a subordinate.”

“In Criminal Law, contributing to or aiding in the commission of a crime. One who, without being present at the commission of an offense, becomes guilty of such offense not as a chief actor, but as a participant, as by command, advice, instigation, or concealment; either before or after the fact or commission.”

“One who aids, abets, commands, or counsels another in the commission of a crime…”

“An accessory must knowingly promote or contribute to the crime. In other words, she or he much aid or encourage the offense deliberately, not accidentally. The accessory may withdraw from the crime by denouncing the plans, refusing to assist with the crime, or contacting the police, or trying to stop the crime from occurring.”

With that in mind one of the politicians they need to charge with being an accessory to criminals is Massachusetts State Rep. Michelle DuBois. Guess what, she’s a liberal Democrat.

Why do you think DuBois should be arrested and charged with a crime?

She had the audacity to go to her Facebook page to warn illegal aliens in the Brockton area to stay off the streets because Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials were planning a raid in the area.

According to Fox News Insider:

“A Massachusetts lawmaker posted an online warning to illegal immigrants about an upcoming Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) ‘raid’ in the area.”

“State Rep. Michelle DuBois (D) suggested in a since-deleted Facebook post that undocumented immigrants in Brockton ‘stay off the streets’ and not answer if someone unexpected knocks on the door.”

“She also included a phone number for anyone ‘picked up by ICE’ to call to get legal services.”

When asked, DuBois said she does not consider what she did as obstructing justice.

Shawn Neudauer, a spokesman for ICE, stated:

“Any person who actively incites panic or fear of law enforcement is doing a disservice to the community, endangering public safety and the very people they claim to support and represent.”

Bristol County (MA) Sheriff Thomas Hodgson agrees when he testified before Congress, telling them that sanctuary cities become magnets for illegals and elected officials of sanctuary cities should be arrested.

In view of her actions, State Rep. DuBois is guilty of being an accessory to the crime of illegal immigration into the US and should subsequently be arrested and charged as such. Every liberal politician who votes to make his or her city or county a sanctuary for illegals is also guilty of being an accessory to the crime of illegal immigration. Gee, wouldn’t it be great if they not only were all arrested, but also deported to some other country?