C’mon California you can do better than that.
Check it out:

Former Democrat State Senator Leland Yee faces a plethora of criminal charges, including a conspiracy to traffic firearms from Russia, conducting campaign fraud and a laundry list of other corruption charges, but that didn’t stop Democrats from voting for him in the California Secretary of State primary on Tuesday.

Yee, who ironically was one of the most powerful anti-Second Amendment rights crusaders in California, was left on the state ballot in the state’s primary for Secretary of State, received 287,590 votes, coming in third place out of eight contestants. Yee’s votes represented 9.8% of the total votes in the crowded field with 100% of precincts reporting as of 3:08 a.m. on 6/4.

Leland Yee is the third Democrat from the Democrat-controlled California State Senate to be arrested for criminal charges in the past year, and ironically and hypocritically, was a leading gun control advocate.

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