Earlier today, Democrats in the New York State Assembly argued for and helped pass a controversial abortion bill – AB 6221. The legislation, now a standalone that was previously a divisive tenth plank of the Women’s Equality Act, passed mostly along party lines.

The bill expands third-trimester abortions and allow non-doctors to perform abortions. The National Right to Life organization has deemed it “abortion on demand” allowing abortions “for any reason deemed ‘relevant to the well-being of the patient’ including physical, emotional, psychological, and familial factors, and the mother’s age.”

The bill was sponsored by Deborah Glick (D), who took to the floor to argue that having an abortion is a woman’s “Constitutional right.”

She argued that legislators don’t really have a right to oppose abortion because they’ve never faced an unwanted pregnancy themselves.

Glick went on to say that those with “strong religious beliefs” shouldn’t be able to deny others with “no religious beliefs” to exercise their right to an abortion.

She added that those same legislators and religious individuals won’t be there to help a woman “pay the rent, (or) the necessary expenses of life if that woman already has more children than she can provide for.”

Some would argue that the woman and man in such a scenario have an alternative way to avoid such pitfalls. It’s called personal responsibility.

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