Have you ever wondered why Obama and his thugs are spending money on so many negative advertisements ONLY for Romney? It is because they WANT the Republicans to choose Romney as our Presidential Candidate. They are trying to make us believe they “do not want Romney as our Presidential Candidate.” Their strategy is if Obama (or Hillary Clinton) is the Democratic Nominee, they can win over Mitt Romney. So they are doing everything they can to pretend to be ‘scared’ if we were to nominate Romney to be our Republican candidate.

If they say they fear Romney the most, who really believes the Democrats are telling the truth anyway? They are using “reverse psychology” and this is why the Democratic Party is airing so many negative ads. They want us to elect Romney. The Democrats want us to believe that if Romney is our Candidate, that we have a chance to beat Obama. In fact, it is just the opposite. If we nominate Romney, we are doing just as much damage to our US Constitution as Obama did by running and winning. This is explained in detail later in this article.

Another trick the Democrats will use is the “take away” where they realize we see through their reverse psychology mind trick and will move on to implement step two. In this scenario they create a message where they take away something and that “take away” is supposed to make us want ‘Romney’ more. The example is like a sales person telling you “no, you really cannot afford to buy something” and this makes you want it all the more. This is called the “take [it] away” because they make you feel you cannot have it, which makes you want to get it no matter what. In this case, their message will be about trying to take something away which is to drive us into the hands of Romney. Be watchful and wary.

The real question is “why do we really want to elect Romney anyway?” His dad was born in Mexico so what is the difference between Mexico and Kenya? Oh, Mexico is in “The America’s” and Kenya is in “Africa.” If we put our support behind Romney, we are endorsing Obama because neither of them is a “NATURAL BORN CITIZEN of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!”

If Romney was a true Republican, I mean, if Romney was really a TRUE AMERICAN rooted deeply as a Republican, he would remove himself as the Republican seeking to become the President of the United States. Romney said in the South Carolina debate his Dad was from Mexico (and Chicago) so he KNOWS he is not a Natural Born Citizen. The BEST thing Romney could do is to continue to vet out Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum and Ron Paul so we can beat whoever is going to be the Democratic Candidate. We really MUST nominate a REAL Natural Born Citizen of the United States of America for our Republican Presidential Candidate! The reason why this is important and is very serious to us as a Nation is because this is written specifically in our US Constitution.

Another example of how we know the Democrats hate our US Constitution is proven by them telling the main stream media to get us to elect other people who are also not Natural Born Citizens. Are we not bombarded with the media talking about Marco Rubio and Donald Trump running for office of the President of the United States too? I am telling you, neither of these people is a Natural Born Citizen and is NOT qualified to hold that position. There are many other Federal Government positions they can hold, it is just not the President of the United States they cannot hold. The ultimate goal of Democratic Party to distort, pervert and destroy our US Constitution. In addition, they want to justify what they have done with Barack Obama by making us elect a Republican candidate who is ALSO not a Natural Born Citizen!

There are many more reasons for us to not nominate Romney, but since he really cannot hold the Office of President of the US anyway, then why bother going into these details? If we choose Romney, we are validating Obama and this is VERY BAD for our US Constitution. If we believe in preserving our US Constitution, then Romney should not run for this position and we should not nominate him. Since he is continuing to run for the Presidential position, it is clear he is really NOT a Conservative Republican, so why elect him to represent us anyway?

Wake Up America! We are under attack by the left and need to see what they are trying to do to us!