Democrats were once told that the American people rejected their social agenda as well.  Remember the Values Voter revolution in 2002?  Democrats lost seats in both chambers and were categorically rejected by a whole host of people who were voting on issues like prayer, gay marriage, abortion, family issues, etc.

And how did the left react to that?  Did they organize a circular firing squad and begin the discussion about how they could rid themselves of half their party?  Not even close.  Instead, they doubled down on their leftward trend.  Two years after being resoundingly drubbed by people voting their values, they nominated a far-left Northeastern Brahman for president and, at their 2004 DNC convention, began the “coming out” process for the most liberal president in the last eighty years — that, of course, being Barack Obama.

Obama also, incidentally, ran for re-election with the most radical pro-abortion platform in the history of the DNC.  Now, you would think that this “doubling down” on liberalism in the face of such rejection by the voters would be the closest thing to political suicide a party could do, right?

Wrong.  In fact, within two years of the 2004 DNC, the Democrats seized control of both houses of Congress, and within four years, they completed the trifecta by seizing the White House while running a candidate who stood for everything the 2002 values voters opposed.

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