Once again a Democrat has proven who the real racists in our country are, members of the Democratic Party.  In the recent episode of the Democrats pandering-for-vote’s scheme, Congresswoman Marcia Fudge has asked the Attorney General (AG) to review the new voting measures in Ohio claiming they are racist. This is rich as the AG had no desire to investigate or press charges as was seen in the videotaped voter suppression and intimidation concerning the new Black Panther party that took place in the 2008 election. The AG’s response was to ignore the case and refuse to press charges and prosecute even though it was a slam dunk.  So now any actions the AG takes regarding voter rights are already called into question as political theatre and gerrymandering. Fudge’s belief is that the new measures will in her words “suppress the voting rights of African Americans and other minorities.”  Her concern is that the elderly, Blacks, other minorities, and students will have restricted access because of the voter ID laws.

Racism is defined as a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various races of people determine cultural or individual achievement.  It also posits that one’s own race is superior with the right to rule over others.  So who is holding an entire race of people down and not allowing them the ability to individually achieve their full potential.  I would argue it is the individuals making others dependent on them for everything so that they can rule over them, namely the Democratic Party, often accurately referred to as the “New plantation.”  Fudge’s argument is old and tired and truly reveals that the word racism no longer means anything as the real racists continue to buy the allegiance of voters with entitlements that discourage them from seeking opportunities that will better their lives.   Even more ironic is that the congressional black caucus has no problem with this abuse of power.   Democrats cast all their potential voters, legal and illegal, as victims of a horrible scheme to cheat them because they are a certain race, ethnicity, or social class.  Interesting that the same laws apply to everyone else: hardworking, accomplished, individuals of all races, ethnicities, and social backgrounds, Asian, black and even whites.

In the same way that Democrats automatically assume the only people on food stamps are blacks or minorities, they assume only blacks and minorities can’t figure out how to get a photo ID.  The last time I checked, a photo ID is required to drive a car (it’s called a driver’s license), cash a check, withdraw money from the bank, pick up medication, get into certain movies, get into a club, get on an airliner, get into a Michele Obama book signing, get into a buyers’ club, check out a library book, buy alcohol or tobacco, purchase firearms or ammunition, purchase spray paint in some states, pick up registered mail, compare signatures on a credit card, and to buy certain over-the-counter sinus medicines, to name a few.  So is Representative Fudge implying that Blacks, minorities, the elderly and students do none of the above?  Is she implying that they can’t read and they are obtaining their medication, alcohol, tobacco, firearms, ammunition, and mail illegally?  Maybe that is the Chicago way, illegally, as is evidenced by the high gun-crime because thugs refuse to follow the laws and would prefer no laws at all. So does the Chicago way extend to Ohio where no laws are better than preventing voter fraud by sound laws.  The Congresswoman’s accusations indict her by judging a whole group of people and their ability to get an ID.  Do they not cash checks, get money from the bank, or use airliners?  Is this because they are all on government assistance, can’t afford airfare or again do they do all this illegally?  And how hard is it to get an Id that is legitimate for voting? As a voter precinct official I know that photo ID’s are not hard to get, it just takes a little initiative.  States will issue a photo ID free to anyone who takes the time to come get one. If you don’t have enough initiative to get a photo ID, then maybe you should not be allowed to vote.

She also argued that there is no indication of voter fraud in Ohio, to which I would say she is really trying to Fudge the details as the Ohio Secretary of State says voter fraud does exist.  How widespread it is I don’t know, but with allegations of people voting more than once, over 100% voter turnout, and one candidate getting all 100% of the vote, as an election official I smell something fishy or should I say Fudgey. (No insult intended to the fish).   We should not forget that voting in an election is a privilege and not a right.  With privilege comes responsibility and sometimes you have to do something to enjoy it, like get an ID to prove you are who you are.  The real insult and the racism are seen in Representative Fudge’s comments insinuating that blacks, the elderly, and minorities are not smart enough to get an ID.  A minority friend I asked about voter ID’s said he was insulted that anyone would insinuate minorities cannot get an ID.  He stated that “Any legal citizen can easily get one.”  He also stated that “An ID is easy to get if you want one but if people are too lazy to get an ID they should not vote.”  What more need be said.