Existing as we do, at the moment, in a news cycle dedicated to demonizing every one of the millions of normal, law-abiding Americans who so much as belong to a voluntary organization designed to defend their Second Amendment rights, it’s helpful to take a look at the actions of the side that demonizes them. If the actions of the following politicians had been perpetrated by Republicans, they would immediately have become emblematic of the inherent imbalance of right-wing gun advocates, illustrative of the danger your very neighbors pose, even if they have never shown any inclination to violence. As it is, they are just isolated incidents, you see, in which the party of protecting you from violence is allowed a free pass in the national press for perpetrating it.

First up, we have a row between two Democratic state assembly members in Nevada:

Assemblyman Steven Brooks was arrested Saturday night on a charge of threatening Nevada Assembly Speaker Marilyn Kirkpatrick.

State Sen. Kelvin Atkinson said Sunday he informed Kirkpatrick of Brooks’ threat against her. Atkinson said Brooks had been telling people Kirkpatrick’s “first day as speaker would be her last.”

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