The tax rate extension, Obama celebrating it, Chris Matthews getting two tingles up his leg over Obama’s smile at the signing ceremony.  I saw a picture of Obama at the signing ceremony.  He did not look particularly happy.  It was a still shot.  He looked rather bored.  Joe Bite Me, the vice president, said that not extending the Bush tax rates would have caused a double-dip recession, but he’s morally troubled by having to do it.  I don’t know.  I think the Christmas parties have started early and they’re still going on.  Wait ’til you hear this.  It was on Meet the Depressed yesterday.  It woulda been a double-dip recession if we hadn’t extended the tax rates; he’s morally troubled by the whole Bush tax cut thing.  Larry Summers, the tax deal averted a catastrophe.  Obama celebrates the George W. Bush tax rate extension.  And I’m still stunned, everybody’s talking about Obama as the comeback kid.

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