These klutzes think they can get away with this.  They think that they can present some sort of a phony continuing resolution budget for all of next year, after this show ends yesterday?  They think they can actually get this by me just because they submit this after we go off the air yesterday?  What a bunch of — (interruption)  No, I’m not talking about the Republicans.  I’m talking about Dingy Harry and the Democrats.  Man, oh, man, apparently, despite all of their talk, the Democrats don’t care about optics.  They do virtually nothing for all of this past year.  They don’t pass a budget, specifically and on purpose they don’t pass a budget because it’s an election year, and they don’t want people to know who they are and what they stand for because they would have been shellacked even greater had they done so, had they put together a budget as required by law prior to the election.  So they put it off; they don’t do anything, and they come back in what technically is an unlawful session of Congress.

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